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blacklivesmatter blm humanrights Image by εϊз

this is the world we live in. one where a black person can’t go out in fear of police, children are kicked out of their own homes for being a certain way, and where your gender and age are consistently stereotyped and discriminated against. the world we live in is not a good place. but we cannot sit in silence. one day, we will be the adults in this corrupt world. what will we do to make it better ? will we even do anything? equality and justice isn’t acheived bu silence. it never has and never will be. if someone is acting racist or homophobic or sexist or even ageist, SPEAK OUT. if you are silent you are siding with the opressor. repost and send it to the misinformed. speaking out in your community, in your circle is better than just posting about in on social media. together, we CAN make a change. let us not be silent. let us not side with the opressor. please repost. #blacklivesmatter #blm #humanrights #lgbtrights #wecandothis #togetherwecan #together