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abstract image

This summer night and all those tangerine lights. Will you drive for me when warm wind hits your face and we can hear old favourite songs. We can drive all night in these lonely highways. We have no place to call home and no strings to tie us. You're my stranger so I'll tell you all my secrets, everything bout my hard life full of troubles. Don't get me wrong I'm just another one like you lonely in this street hoping something good will happen to me, oneday I'll know what I'm good for. More we talk and we learn bout us seems like we have many commons. Like you I hate living in a family life is more fun in the open road with faces I'll never meet again. So there are no regrets just living hopelessly for some good memories. This summer night all these lights, can we make a promise to never stop fighting in life? And a goodbye before the daylight.🌃💕 *forgive any grammatical mistake😊* #abstract #night #nightlights #nightview #nightfall #travel #summer #drawing #painting #art #life #poem #popart #love #FreeToEdit <br>#remixit

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