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This was such a difficult decision to Image by 🐳

This was such a difficult decision to make. I’m the most indecisive person ever and all the beautiful edits you guys submitted didn’t help at all.... so I put the burden on my friends. *evil laugh* My cat was no help 🙄 He kept staring at the edits then he started rolling around and ended up taking a nap. I eventually got him to choose a few edits that he liked later. That little fluff ball~

O M G, this voting system I did was a horrible idea! There were like five edits tied and I didn’t know what to do. I cried a little lol :’) I honestly think everyone’s a winner. Don’t worry, my loves! I have many more upcoming contests in the future. I hope all of you can join. xo

So.... here are the results!
1st place : @mytaetae_ 2nd place : @milliamoo 3rd place : @bluem_ 4th place : @pasteljin 5th place : @kpop_armyy01
Thank you everyone for joining! & Congrats to the winners 🎉 All of you deserve it.

To redeem your prizes, comment below what you want or you can message me privately 😁
*Prizes were mentioned on the last edit

Check out all the purrfecteditcontest submissions in my bookmarks! All of them are awesomeee.

Honorable mentions: @hobis_pikachu @kookiee_ @shintaechan @bts_edits0901 @koreanalien_aly @yoonxjoon @mochi_lover @thesaraalex @chxnsauria @lollycraft @_s00kie_ @huskychim @jins-hope @fukochan121102 @kookinlavi @pinkkookie @jimimimochi_army @jimtaein @hobis-world @thesparklequeen @btssarmyjungkook @temmiechan99 @jiminieblossom @krahun @bangtanbubbles @imjungshook_edits @yumnak
Have an amazing day, my lovelies 💗💗