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btsedit btsarmy btsjin Image by madison with luv 💜

today marks my one year anniversary of my picsart account! so i made this edit inspired by my very first edit!

it’s so crazy how much can happen in a year. when i made my first edit sitting while on the gym floor, i had no idea i would be where i am today.

-i mean, first off, i’ve met so many amazing people through picsart,, really good friends that i love so so much.
-i made my own 3 week edit challenge!
-and of course, this summer i became a vip! which is still so crazy to me... how do i deserve all of this fame..?
-picsart dedicated a whole blog post to me!!
-i started a youtube channel with my sister!!?!
-and this week i started my own contest!
-and i’ve improved in my editing so much over a year ✨

i’m honestly pretty much living my dream right now. this is definitely one of my most beautiful moments in life.

now for some words of wisdom;; do what makes you happy. no matter what it is, no matter how weird or different it may be. do what you like, whatever puts a smile on your face. when i first started liking kpop, i felt like i had to hide it, like people, my friends and family, would make fun of me or think i’m weird. but i’ve come to embrace my love for kpop. i don’t really care what others say, because kpop is what makes me happy. and editing is what makes me happy. kpop has helped fuel my passion for graphic design. i’m really doing what i love right now, and i don’t ever want that to change.

i hope you all can find/have found your most beautiful moment in life. i want you all to know that i love you so much. really really honestly totally daebak very very heol. 💖💖💖💖
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