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... Image by posting hiatus sorry

#freetoeditWhen are my edits of grops i just started liking lowkey better than edits of groups i stan for a long time?😳
Idk maybe it’s cause it’s something new and fresh? Idk, but i really like this edit, i hope you enjoy it too, but kuzco says so no touchy so get ur steally lil fingers off of my edit :) jkjk but don’t steal

Okey off to da edit info——

🍑type- a try but fail of complex edit? lol idk, it wasn’t my idea to do complex tho cause that shit scares me🤭
🍑aesthetic- hmm peachy?
🍑time taken- i did it in a few parts throughout the day but all added up a little less than an hour
🍑person- Itzy- Lia, Chaeryeong, Ryujin, Yeji, Yuna
🍑my grade- i luv thiss i’m proud of ma self tehe 9.5/10
🍑contests- @bts-edits-by-me #bts-edits-by-me-contest1 @bubblegxm_minho @hyukavibes #lixievibes_editcontest @luna_winter_luv #lunana_contest-tae
I hope you guys like it☺️

🍑creds- @diorbrxndo_ for the complex background, people on pinterest that posted the pics, and stickers :))
🍑more- uh i forgot what i wanted to add dammit
🍑hashtags- #itzy #itzyedit #itzyryujin #itzyyeji #itzychaeryeong #itzylia #itzyyuna #complex #complexedit #aesthetic #aestheticedir #peachy


🍑mood- 🙌🏻🥱 i’m back at it again with the midnight posts
🍑song- no song rn, but i have been listening to violin covers on the yt channel ItsAmoney he’s really talented and the music is so calming 🤩
🍑storytime- welp i went to school today after 6 months, wasn’t too bad, but my favourite teacher isn’t going to be teaching for some time and it’s sucks😭

btw i actually did shoutouts this time, are u proud hehe

~ T a g l i s t ~

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#remixed from @_firevibes12x_ , @babymochi_7 , @limelight__blink