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picsart rainbow Image by 𝚛𝚊𝚌𝚑𝚎𝚕🌙

words can express how thankful i am for everyone's participation! it means the world to me💙 i had such a hard time choosing the winners. everyone did so well. seriously! i hope everyone can participate in my next challenge and look forward to seeing new edits! i love you all so much and i appreciate everyone's support⭐💕
1st place: @rssarilu such a surreal, smokey edit that i adore! definitely inspiring and beautiful🌈
reward: collab on my page (& yours if perferred)🌟
2nd place: @dionyggukk i love the bokeh/lenseflare! feels like i'm moving through a tunnel. really compliments the color scheme💖
rewards: edit request to post on my page. you determine what I edit🌟
3rd: @dharmi__ there's no such thing as too much rainbow! such a beautiful edit, especially with the pastels💜
rewards: (already following😉) definitely will like and repost your edits🌟
4th: @evwolf101 the butterflies are such a nice touch! the colors compliment each other well and is definitely surreal🦋
rewards: be my first shoutout🌟
5th: @thefictioner took surreal to a whole new level! extraordinary💛
rewards: likes and reposts (like always)🌟
other contestants: @aaesthetically--
such a magical edit! incredibly beautiful editing style and imagination as always❤✨ @amythtst beautiful! suits your aesthetic well. the bird was such a nice touch🐦✨ @jadez_edits i always look forward seeing your aesthetic boards! billie should be proud💙✨ @jazmynthelewis very trippy!😵✨ @itzgenesis14 loved the neon and glitter! adds a nice touch. very aesthetic💖✨ @maevaj incredibly creative and fits your aesthetic! very surreal and trippy💫✨
· #freetoedit #picsart #rainbow #20kretrorainbow #challenge #retro #aesthetic #retrorainbow #competition
#remixed from @jadez_edits , @thefictioner , @amythtst , @itzgenesis14 , @racheljustice10 , @jazmynthelewis , @dionyggukk , @rssarilu , @maevaj , @aaesthetically-- , @dharmi__ , @evwolf101