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Yeah hewo hi 🥺❤️ Image by Welcome to Avas Tea Shop!

Yeah hewo hi 🥺❤️ please open up

I made a few drawing during the time I was gone!
What do you think?✨

Sooo I wont do an edit contest......too mich work I think.....so I decided that the first 5-10 person to comment will get a free drawing of their oc!!



1. If you wanna join, just comment you wanna join, I will be asking for a picture of your oc, so I have to get the picture to draw

2. The oc’s face and hair have to be all visible, it doesnt really matter if I cant see the legs or something, just the oc’s face- just look at the pictures-

3. If i dont draw your oc dont be mad at me, my days are pretty stressed, most of these drawings have I made during class-

So yes

Please join 🥺🥺🥺

@jessiebear2020 @m00n_ @karma1906 @black_fox_and_co @-king_sin_of_sloth- @-_anime_edits_- @x_oof-natalia_x @jana_catqueenxx ✨✨✨ sorry for tagging, no one is seeing my posts these days..