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why You had 2k before so clearly you do. Image by Mona

You had 2k before so clearly you do. And dont take it that personally. I mean yeah i did hate you now not really but you clearly earned those followers and im in the restricted club so. I have literally 200 followers on my other so now im angry. Also for that sal and selena bit clearly sal is fake lmao for those idiots who disbelieve it selena (if thats her real name) has been making things up and said sal is fake once i saw it. Lmao if you idiots seriously believe sal is real then why hasnt he done a face reveal or even a body? Selena also probs lied about her face reveal. Her body had black hair and her face had light brown she couldnt have died it so fast and she didnt die it because the hair looked like anamctualy color just not hers. @1_broken_devil_1 #why