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You start Image by 𝕤𝕞𝕖𝕩𝕪 𝕖𝕩𝕒𝕔𝕥𝕝𝕖𝕤

You start walking to the stairs and see...

Daniel. ‘Oh gosh, this will not turn out good.’ You try to look away as fast as you can but it’s too late, you’ve already made eye contact with him. You start walking away, knowing he won’t call out your name because then it would seem as if he were, one of you... not popular. Then, assuming he had read your mind and doing the exact opposite of what you’d wanted him to, you heard your name.
“Y/N!” It wasn’t Daniel though. It was a familiar voice, one you’ve definitely heard before, but not often enough to recognize it. You turn around and see,
“Emma?!” Emma Chamberlain, you’re best friend from elementary school. You were neighbors, but during the summer leading up to your sixth grade year she had to move. Her father and mother are in the army, so Emma and her family moved overseas. You thought you’d never see her again. She runs to you and almost knocks you down from hugging you. You tell her to follow you and you both head to the bathroom upstairs. Once you’re in there you see Christina on the other side of the room but you don’t care, because your best friend is back.
“Oh my god, how have you been? Was it cool overseas? Did you see any cool landmarks or wildlife?” You continuously ask.
“You know I was only in one place, right? I was in Abu Dhabi. So I still went to school.” She explains.
“Yeah but still, did you see any cool stuff?”
“Well what?”
“I met somebody. And we talked. And now we have a long distance relationship going on until his family moves back to the U.S.”
“No way! You got a boyfriend? How did you get one before me?”
“Excuse me?”
“Only joking.”
“So, how was middle school?”
“Oh you know, stupid boys, popular girls,” you say pointing behind you at Christina, who is meaninglessly still there. Probably listening to you and Emma’s conversation. “Bullies. So pretty much how we left off just a lot worse because now teachers won’t care if I come into class with a black eye and limping.”
“Oh my gosh, has that happened already?”
“Yeah, only a couple times. I have a lot to tell you. Luckily I am the master at walking and talking. Let’s go, I’m supposed to be at the football field for lunch.”
“Wait why?”
“That’s exactly what I’m going to tell you on the way there.” You say and turn around to see Christina still standing there. Weird. But you ignore it. You and Emma walk out of the bathroom and head towards the stairs, when out of the corner of your eye you catch someone staring at you. You shrug it off and continue walking.
“So, tell me everything.”
“Alright there’s this deal between me and the boys where they can do anything to me during class and they won’t mess with me for the rest of the week. Easy as that.”
“So we’ve been through five periods, so I’m guessing one boy each period. That’s gotta be torture.”
“That’s exactly what I said. See, great minds think alike.”
“This is why we’re besties.”
“And about that,” soon you both reach your locker and there they are, your two other besties. But, Emma doesn’t get along very well with Gabbie and Kay, so this outta be something. “Gabbie and Kay, remember Emma?”
“Yeah, the girl who stole our best friend.” Gabbie says with a look of disgust on her face.
“Also the girl who messed up our chances to be on the volleyball team.” Kay chimes in.
“Girls, I’m so sorry about that. That was the old Emma, the new Emma is here to make things right.” Emma says with a look of hope on her face. “After school today me and a few other girls are going to get mani-pedis. All three of you are invited if you’re interested.”
“That’d be great! How bout it girls?” You say with excitement.
“Sorry I’m busy, I have to study for our upcoming.. um.. Chemistry test.” Gabbie lies.
“And I have karate. I thought you knew that.” Kay says.
“First of all, the Chemistry test is next week. Second of all, your karate sessions are Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Today is Monday.” You explain.
“We always study at least a week in advance. You know that.” Gabbie says.
“And today we have an extra practice to get ready for the tournament.” Kay explains.
“The test is Friday. We do study sessions on Wednesdays in the library. And I did not know you had a tournament, you didn’t tell me that. And it’s ok if you’re busy, I can go myself.” You explain.
“Oh ok. Lunch in the library?” Gabbie asks unknowing of Corbyn wanting to meet in the football field.
“Holy crap, I gotta go!” You exclaim.
“What, why?” Kay asks.
“Corbyn. Football field. Ahhhhh!” You yell and start running outside. Gabbie, Emma, and Kay run after you, super confused. You make it to the school’s football field and see...

Oh my gosh, it’s part 11 already. I remember when I started this imagine. Hope you like it, and there’s lots more to come soon.