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kauai image

Sunrise at Mokolea Point in Kauai. This was one of the main shots I came here to get and I'm ecstatic how it turned out. To get here I had to drive down a rough dirt road in my rented piece of crap Toyota Echo, that I oddly love, finally stopping when the ruts in the road got too deep. I continued on foot through and around large car-sized mud puddles to get to a volcanic shelf of tidepools. This hole is about 10-12 feet across and drains out to the ocean. Water is constantly coming in and out of it, creating some really cool water flows. It's a sight to see for sure. Enjoy! I know I did :) #kauai #hawaii #nature #landscape #sunrise
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Mazlina Mazlina
So beautiful&i like that😊😊😊
Susanne Nikolaus
Fascinating, there must be a lot of pressure and suction once the water goes down the hole to pull it back into the ocean, I presume there is some sort of cavern or tunnel linking this to the ocean

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