All of our new employees undergo a two-week training program focused on our team culture, product, and tools.

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Learning and sharing.

Working in a fast-changing environment, we know the value of constant training and education. We run numerous technical and informative training programs, talks by international guest and meetups with successful entrepreneurs, catering to the different needs of our employees.

Picsart University.

We understand that practical knowledge leads to expertise that many don’t acquire in college. That’s why we established Picsart University, providing long-term training opportunities for our employees, interns and students. Our programs include Associate Product Manager, AI, and Machine Learning trainings, as well as language courses, such as English and Chinese.


We invest significant time, effort and funds to ensure that our employees grow with us. While experience is important, we value the self-driven and creative minds the most. Our corporate culture is rooted in mentorship, with the goal of creating experts who will continue to mentor themselves.

We believe that everyone should be given an opportunity to learn and grow. We strive to arm our interns, students, and employees with skills necessary to excel in their areas of interest.


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