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If You ❤️ Sirusho & Sebu Simonian (of Capital Cities) You’ll ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ These FREE Stickers & Frames

If You ❤️ Sirusho & Sebu Simonian (of Capital Cities) You’ll ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ These FREE Stickers & Frames

Hey there PicsArt fam! If you’re a fan of Sirusho and Sebu (of Capital Cities) — or if you just like great music — then we’ve got a treat for…
We’ve Just Teamed Up With Thirty Seconds To Mars for the MOST Amazing Remix Challenge

We’ve Just Teamed Up With Thirty Seconds To Mars for the MOST Amazing Remix Challenge

PicsArt fam, we’re just gonna come out and say it. This might just be THE most exciting thing we’ve ever done. We’re teaming up with Thirty Seconds to Mars to…
How to Drop PicsArt Stickers Into Your iMessages

How to Drop PicsArt Stickers Into Your iMessages

PicsArt now has a new iMessage app, and your conversations will never be the same…in an awesome way, of course! As of today, you’ll be able to use PicsArt in…


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Today’s Parent

Baby Center | 06/18/17

Photos: Mom Captures Daughter's Adorable Antics in Whimsical Drawings
Thu Pham, a photographer from Australia, became an Instagram star after posting amazing drawings of her daughter Banksii. She made all her drawings with PicsArt.
Today’s Parent

Venture Beat | 05/10/17

Why the AI Hype Cycle Won't End Anytime Soon
Co-Founder and CEO of PicsArt Hovhannes Avoyan explains to VentureBeat "Why the hype around AI is justified."
Today’s Parent

Forbes | 6/26/17

Machine Learning Is Creating a Demand for New Skills
Co-Founder and CEO of PicsArt Hovhannes Avoyan talks with Forbes about the lack of skilled professionals in the ML field and how big tech companies and universities should address the problem.
Today’s Parent

Digital Trends | 06/25/17

Become a Sticker-Millionaire With a Million That Are Free to Use on PicsArt
PicsArt has over 1,000,000 free-to-use Community Stickers. The milestone was achieved just two months after the official release of Community Stickers in late March. PicsArt is now one of the largest repositories of public stickers.
Today’s Parent

Digital Trends | 06/07/17

PicsArt Users Can Now Sticker Up Before Even Taking the Shot With Latest Update
PicsArt released a new tool – Live Stickers. The latest update allows users to take the custom stickers — either made or shared by another user — and add them to their shots before actually tapping the shutter release.
Today’s Parent

Refinery29 | 03/27/17

This Girl's Photo Edit Is Going Viral For A Reason We Can All Relate To
Commenters commiserated, asking Caballero how she pulled off the editing magic. The answer: PicsArt. The photo editing app lets you remix one image with another, create memes and stickers, and, most importantly for this situation, draw on your photo.
Today’s Parent

Digital Trends | 03/21/17

PicsArt's Custom Stickers (and Export Option) Could Make Basic Effects Look Boring
Snapchat may have brought photo stickers into the spotlight, but photo editing app PicsArt is making them personal.
Today’s Parent

The Huffington Post | 03/22/17

Mom Takes Daughter On Quirky Adventures In Funny Illustrations
Pham has been using PicsArt, a photo editing app, for about a year and a half. With it, she draws on photos she’s taken of Banksii to put her in scenarios that match her mood and expression captured in the pic.
Today’s Parent

Today’s Parent | 02/09/17

Slaying Like Bey Has Never Been Easier
Queen Bey set the bar high with her recent pregnancy announcement pictures...Luckily, PicsArt has released step-by-step instructions...on how to use its app to easily create your own floral baby announcement, just like Bey.
Today’s Parent

POPSUGAR | 08/14/17

What You Need to Know About Those Viral "Tree of Life" Breastfeeding Photos
These unique ‘Tree of Life’ images are going viral as moms across social media are uploading their favorite brelfies to the PicsArt photo editing app and creating these powerful photos in an array of artistic styles.
Today’s Parent

Shape | 12/19/16

Breastfeeding 'Tree of Life' Photos Are Going Viral to Help Normalize Nursing
Thanks to [PicsArt], every mother is able to share their breastfeeding selfies (otherwise known as "brelfies") by transforming them into works of art.
Today’s Parent

TODAY | 12/20/16

'We are the tree of life': Moms turn to app for unique breastfeeding selfies
Harmon says while the origins of the trend are unknown, the company was made aware of the photos after seeing a dramatic spike in downloads of the PicsArt app. To date...more than 500,000 women have posted their "tree of life" images on social media.
Today’s Parent

CNET | 02/07/17

Best Photo Apps for iPhone 2017
PicsArt (Best Photo App for iPhone): When your needs run beyond adjustments to mashups, filters, shape overlays, collages, frames—pretty much everything you can do with a photo -- PicsArt delivers in an easy-to-use and attractive app.
Today’s Parent

TechCrunch | 09/22/16

PicsArt Drizzles Prisma-Style Magic on Your Pics and Videos
PicsArt today launched a brand new pair of apps for iOS, adding Prisma-like effects for photographs and videos to the visually stimulating toolbox that lives inside your phone.
Today’s Parent

Refinery 29 | 05/30/16

6 Tips For Choosing Swipe-Right-Worthy Photos
PicsArt is a mobile photo editor that provides people with canvases and tools for creating, collaborating, and exploring, so that anyone can be creative.
Today’s Parent

Digital Trends | 11/22/16

Introduced today, the app’s new Magic Money feature uses artificial intelligence to give both photos and videos a cash-like effect...inspired by Con Brio, a funk and neo soul band from San Francisco, and their song, Money.
Today’s Parent

Teen Vogue | 07/12/16

This App Turns Your Eyes Different Colors
Given that today marks National Different Colored Eyes Day, PicsArt, a photo editing app and creative community, posted a tutorial on its blog so you can easily flaunt the the look.
Today’s Parent

PCMag | 10/05/16

PicsArt (for iPhone)
Those who love to tinker with photos on their phones and jazz them up to the hilt should immediately dump Instagram for PicsArt.
Today’s Parent

Forbes | 02/28/16

PicsArt's First Product VP Wants To Make The App The Instagram Of Art Lovers Everywhere
PicsArt, a digital art app that lets users create drawings, paintings and edit photos has grown a sizable user base of more than 65 million monthly active users, about half as big as Pinterest.
Today’s Parent

Macworld | 12/16/16

7 Tips to Make Your Holiday Photos Sparkle
PicsArt Photo Studio lets you edit your photos to perfection, as well as add some high-quality holiday stickers of lights, stars, objects, ugly sweaters, holiday gift wrap, collage frames, backgrounds and more.
Today’s Parent

Brit + Co | 08/03/16

10 Photo Editing Apps to DL Before Summer Is Over
PicsArt Photo: With hundreds of photo editing tools, customizable filters, a collage function and text and sticker overlays, you might just need a full hour to pick the best filter/sticker combo for your vacay pics.
Today’s Parent

Re/Code | 02/05/15

Photo Editing App PicsArt Raises $10 Million
PicsArt separates itself, though, with its editing tools: Users can insert drawings, text bubbles or clip art, plus a slew of other image elements, from within the app.
Today’s Parent

VentureBeat | 03/04/15

Photo Sharing App PicsArt Scores $15M From Sequoia and Insight Venture Partners
PicsArt lets artists edit their pictures and drawings with mobile editing features. Then, members can share, connect, and collaborate with other artists to get inspired — and be discovered.
Today’s Parent

Fortune | 04/13/15

PicsArt, a Mobile Photo-Editing App, to Raise $15 Million
PicsArt goes beyond Instagram’s filters to allow users to collaborate and edit images together. It’s more of a cross between Instagram and Adobe Photoshop.

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