Hey PicsArt Fam,

We’d love to see and share your tutorials! For a chance to have your tutorials featured on PicsArt, please email your submissions to submissions@picsart.com. Feel free to also email us with ideas on what your final edit will be and we can advise on whether or not that is on brand for us.

Submissions should contain the following*:

  • High-res version of the original image

  • High-res version of the final image

  • Screenshots of each step

  • Link to your PicsArt profile

  • Name of the tutorial

  • Links to all your social networks (YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook)

  • Optional: High quality screen capture of your editing session

Note: Images used must be your original images or public domain images. If they are not either, we cannot feature your tutorial.

*If your files are too big, please upload to Google Drive and share a link to the folder with us.

It’s that simple. We read every email, but since we get so many we cannot respond to everyone, even if we do decide to post your submission (but you will be @ mentioned in any posts, so you’ll feel the love!). If you do not submit all the required materials, we cannot post it.

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