Last week we celebrated World Water Day by asking users to tag images of water with #worldwaterday throughout the week. World Water Day is an international awareness celebration started by the UN, that calls on everybody to raise awareness of water related issues. 

Here at PicsArt, we’ve begun announcing tags for weekly image themes for our users to rally around, so last week we decided to join the cause and choose #worldwaterday as our weekly tag.

Here are some of the shots from last week’s world water day theme that made the biggest splash. Water is one of those things that is so omnipresent and essential in our lives, that it’s easy to forget about how important it is. For the same reason, there is no limit to how you could approach water as a weekly theme, and represent it visually. Users did not disappoint and the photos look terrific.

The following shots were shared by vyrna li (@wyvern1029), Lilya_A (@ops_lilya), Pushpam Verma (@pushpamverma), Prithwiraj Sarker (@new2me), Jose Antonio Guzman Correa (@guzmancorrea), Ph.Dr. Nora (@1nora), and Masviva (@florecita2000).