Turn Your Pet Into an Instant Influencer 5 Video Editing Tips to Set Your Instagram Reels Apart Say Hello to the New and Improved PicsArt for Windows Introducing the PicsArt Masters Program: a Creative Community for Digital Artists How to Find the Perfect Font for Your Brand 4 Replays That’ll Have Your Summer Socials Popping

With International Cat Day (8/9) and National Dog Day (8/26) both happening in the month of August, it’s the perfect time to turn your adorable pet into what he or she was always meant to be: an influencer! Lucky for you, PicsArt has come out with all new animal-related content so showing off your pet’s good side will be super easy. The best part is: There’s something for any kind of animal in your life. Check out a few ways you can turn your pet into an influencer with PicsArt.

Buckle up and hold on tight! Instagram just released its newest feature, Instagram Reels, and it’s about to be a wild (and ~really~ fun!) ride. 🚘 🥳  If you’re familiar with TikTok, then Instagram Reels will be second nature to you 👯‍♂️.

Reels are 15-second video clips that can be shared to your Instagram feed. They also populate into the Explore page to increase your video discoverability. 👀 Like TikTok, you’ll have the option to select from a music library or upload your own original sound. Instagram Reels are also a great way to connect with your Instagram followers, hop on trends, and show a lighter, less polished side of you and your brand. 🤪

Everything you love about the world’s best photo editing app, PicsArt, is now new and improved for Windows on desktop and the Microsoft Surface Pro X. With the latest release, PicsArt for Windows enables you to unleash your full creativity with new and enhanced editing tools for all your personal and business needs. Whether you’re creating an artistic edit or promotions for your business, PicsArt gives you 20+ free and premium editing tools to achieve the perfect design. Here is a sneak peek of what you’ll love about the new PicsArt for Windows.  Beautifully Designed Templates  Quickly and easily find templates that speak to your design aesthetic with PicsArt Templates. Whether you’re planning a party or looking for a thumb-stopping Instagram template, PicsArt for Windows has over 1,000 templates for just about any need. Simply pick the right template for your project then customize with your preferences to create amazing…

We are super excited to announce the launch of the PicsArt Masters Program — an exclusive creative community for PicsArt’s top artists.

This is an incredible opportunity for PicsArtists to get recognized as masters of their craft, whether that’s storytelling through photography or creating digital art, get inspired by, and connect with other creatives. 🎉

Ever thought about fonts? There are some brand logos that are so instantly recognizable that if you were to write something else in their font, your fans would understand what brand it’s aspiring to be. And that’s largely because of their font face! Brands like Coca Cola, Google, Pinterest, Supreme, Zara, and eBay have no doubt spent a considerable amount of time nailing the perfect font to convey their brand’s signature aesthetic. When it comes to making your brand pop among a sea of logos, it’s crucial to pick the perfect font that conveys a one-of-a-kind look, all while eliciting a positive feeling.

Sun’s out, Replays out! ☀️

With so many hours of light in the day there’s no shortage of summer pictures to be taken — or posted. 🤩  But, if you’re like us, finding the time to perfect them for social media can be hard when there’s a towel by the pool calling your name and so many glorious cat naps in your future. 

That’s where PicsArt Replay shines! Replays allow you to apply entire looks to your photos in an instant and provide unlimited summer photoshoot ideas for when the heat starts getting to your brain. 🥵  You can even make your own custom summer filter presets with Replay!

We love our emoji friends and today, we’re ready to celebrate them in their full glory with some awesome emoji edits. Wondering how to make your own emoji background, swap your face for an emoji, or get really creative and combine a few emojis together for an emoji-palooza? 💕 Check out these five emoji tutorials and edits to help spark ideas for your World Emoji Day work of art! 🧑‍🎨 Don’t forget to share on social and tag @PicsArt so we can party with you and your awesome emoji edits.