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Since graphic design is everywhere in the world, it only makes sense for the world to influence what trends emerge in graphic design. These real-world reflections in design are what influence design trends. From infographics to packaging design to motion design, the following graphic design trends are all important to understand if you want to turn your designs into a powerful tool.

Being an artist goes beyond creativity and skill; it means also having a style that you are recognized for. We see this everywhere from historic painters like Van Gogh to the biggest social media influencers. But how do you come up with a unique style? We’ve asked the PicsArt pros, our Master Storytellers and Master Contributors, to share exactly how each of them has created their own distinguishable look to help you do the same. 

Pop art, short for popular art, is one of the largest art movements known in history. The famous movement emerged in the 1950s and boomed in the 1960s in America and Britain as artists drew inspiration from commercial and popular culture and created bold pieces that reflected the realities of everyday life. Pop art was highly influenced by American consumerism, fame and celebrity culture, and postwar culture.

If you’re a newbie to digital editing, there’s one task that is universally frustrating: resizing images. While making your image smaller is usually pretty straightforward, enlarging images can often result in a loss of quality and resolution, leaving the image looking blurry and pixelated. And no one wants that! This is why it’s important to understand the concept of upscali

One of the first steps to creating and launching a business is determining how you want to appear and appeal to your potential customers. A logo is a central part of any business and your potential customers’ first introduction to your brand  Whether you are creating a custom logo for your law or real estate firm or you own a small business with a wide reach, your logo design says everything about your business before clients even interact with you or your product.

There isn’t a more iconic color than Tiffany Blue. Glancing at a Tiffany Blue Box instantly evokes a feeling of glamour, luxury, and excitement for what’s inside. Seriously, what other boxes can make you feel that way? The legendary color known as Tiffany Blue, founded by Charles Lewis Tiffany, made its debut in 1845 on the cover of Tiffany’s “Blue Book.” Since then, the Tiffany Blue Box has become an international symbol of class, elegance, and sophistication, which reflects the brand and its products. 

First impressions are everything, especially when it comes to your social media persona. When a user visits your Instagram page, they’re not only looking at individual posts but your overall profile aesthetic. An Instagram aesthetic is the cohesive theme and overall mood that your page gives off. It should reflect your personality and sense of style. If you’re an entrepreneur or personal blogger, your Instagram aesthetic should reflect your brand voice and values, and stay consistent throughout your photos to build brand identity among your target audience. It should also be consistent with your website and any other brand design that the public sees. That way, your audience knows how to identify you and can trust the consistent aesthetic throughout your brand. What Is a Photo Aesthetic?  A good aesthetic comes down to how you consistently filter each individual photo that makes up your Instagram profile. In other words, good…

No matter how much you love to hate networking, the best part of the event is always going through the stack of business cards you collected and picking out the most creative ones. There will always be one or two that stand out with their compelling graphic design and unexpected details. Contrary to what you may think, business card design doesn’t have to be boring!  You might be thinking, “Are business cards even relevant in a digital age?” In theory, exchanging phone numbers, email addresses, and social media accounts can be done verbally and entered directly into someone’s cell phone. But, don’t discount how clearly and efficiently a high-quality business card could communicate your personal style, brand identity, or new business. Print is definitely still in!  Read on for business card design inspiration and to discover the best business card designs that will elevate your professional pursuits. Once you’ve gotten…