virtual zoom graduation background

We wish we could snap our fingers and throw you the epic prom, graduation, and senior trip you deserve. 🕺🎉 Since we can’t, we’re gifting you the next best thing: free Zoom backgrounds to help you celebrate the most anticipated school events and milestones from home, plus a few extras for fun!

We know it’s not exactly the same, but you’ll still be able to get some pretty awesome (screen)shots that generations to come will get a kick out of. Buckle up and hit mute because you’re about to scream over how awesome these are. 😱  

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PicsArt drip effect

Drip art selfies are taking over! You could say they’re officially oozing into every nook, crack, and cranny of our lives. 🤪 It all began over the weekend when our feeds started filling up with an insane number of melting digital art masterpieces. We’re definitely not complaining though! You guys, and the Magic effects, have never looked better. 🙆‍♀️🙆‍♂️✨

Although it’s clear a ton of you already have the dripping effect on 🔒, we’ve also received a lot of questions on how to get in on the trend while it’s still HOT. The good news is that the edit itself can be done by anyone, even those who have never tried PicsArt! 

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dripping effect PicsArt edit

The drip art selfie trend is still going strong — and shows no signs of stopping. 🔥🔥🔥

Our YouTube home feed has been completely overrun by ultra-savvy drip art tutorials and Magic effects galore! We’ve been secretly binge-watching them in our free time, but it doesn’t seem right to keep them all to ourselves. They’re just too awesome not to share! 

These tutorials are just a small handful of MANY created by PicsArt users just like you. We did our best to choose varying styles to help you become the best drip artist you can possibly be. 💖 

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smiling asian girl with graduation sticker

While you’ve been busy mastering the art of online learning with Zoom backgrounds, we’ve been creating graduation stickers, templates, and Replays to help you document this milestone with friends and family, and most importantly for yourself! Graduation pictures are officially back in business (with PicsArt). 🎉  

Not graduating but want to make your favorite grad’s day or take a trip down memory lane? There’s plenty of options for you too! Even your family pet can get in on the action. 🐕🐈

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canvas effect on blonde girl

We’ve got some pretty awesome stuff happening on PicsArt (ahem, the drip art selfie trend), but if we may discuss a quick #HumbleBrag, we have to say that our new Canvas effects are our coolest, most artistic creation ever! 👩‍🎨👨‍🎨 Basically turn any photo to art in mere seconds and one tap. You can take your simple selfie to showpiece status in no time!

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girl in blue prom dress with prom queen sash

The PicsArt Prom 2020 Committee has been hard at work creating stickers, photo backdrops, and Replays so you can still make prom memories that’ll last a lifetime — but from home! They’re guaranteed to be the perfect complement to the dress, tux, or sweats (real talk) you have picked out for the occasion and will do wonders for your #TikTokProm videos. 🕺💃 

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golden hour shadow edit

Golden hour, but make it all day. 🌝✨ With our stickers and blend modes you never have to let the sunset on an Instagram post again. 💁‍♀️💁‍♂️

We’re not just going to show you how to achieve any basic golden hour glow. We’re sharing the ✨good stuff! ✨Specifically, how to add *super* realistic faux blind shadows to your photos to take your golden hour pics from average to influencer territory.

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