crisp effect tutorial

In this step-by-step tutorial, we’ll show you how to apply the Crisp Effect to your images to add intensity to your scene. Read on to learn how to do it, and then share your edits with the hashtag #CrispEffect

Step 1: Select Crisp Effect

Open your image in the photo editor. Next, tap the Effect icon and select the Crisp Effect from the Fx section.

photo editor effects menu

crisp photo effect

Step 2: Open Masks Menu

Tap the check mark to confirm your changes. Tap on Mask (you may need to scroll to find it on the toolbar) to open the Masks Menu.

apply crisp effect

photo masks menu

Step 3: Add a Texture

Select the Texture tab from the list and scroll through the options until you find Texture 6, which should look like rain.

texture masks

apply photo texture

Step 4: Customize Mask, Confirm, and Save

Use the slider to reduce the opacity of the Mask. When finished, tap the check mark to confirm your changes. Save your image and share it in the app with the hashtag #CrispEffect!

adjust mask opacity

photo effect opacity

confirm photo edits