Update: When cleaning the offices, Senior Product Manager Jay found a camera in the mess which doesn’t belong to anyone who works at PicsArt. He worked throughout the morning to recover the images. 

April Foolss' Day at PicsArt

We’ve recovered the images from the camera left behind and the culprits have been identified. Take a look:

April Fools' Day at PicsArt

April Fools'Day at PicsArt

Looks like the Picsies just wanted to have a party. Happy April Fool’s Day! 😉 


Original story below…. 

Employees in PicsArt’s new San Francisco office were shocked to find their workspace defaced this morning. Trash was found thrown about, food was everywhere, and furniture had been knocked over. It’s unclear who the culprits were, but all PicsArt employees have said that they were not to blame, though one admitted to forgetting to lock the door when he left. 

“I’m in charge of the key,” Ads Manager Howard told his coworkers. “I guess I just forgot to lock up last night. I can’t believe someone would do this.”

April Fools' Day in PicsArt

According to Office Manager Debbie, “It looks like someone threw a massive party we weren’t invited to. Honestly? It looks like it was a good time, but they didn’t clean up. Rude.” 

After doing inventory, Debbie found that nothing had been stolen from the offices. Since the office is new, security cameras were not yet set up.

April Fools' day in PicsArt

While it remains unclear who would do this or why, it’s clear that the San Francisco will be less productive than they were anticipating being today as they clean up the mess. PicsArt apologizes to its loyal users for any delays the cleanup causes them and hopes to get back to their real jobs soon.