The beauty and mystery of waterfalls has always driven hordes of intrepid photographers to the ends of the earth to capture the wonder of the falling waters. We have prepared a simple guide, to give you the most important tips to catch an awesome shot! 

Helpful tips:

Tip 1: When photographing waterfalls, there is one thing no budding photographer should be without – and that’s a good TRIPOD. 

Tip 2: Good quality lenses come next. Use at least two of them; Circular Polarizer and Neutral Density filter. Generally, use two of them at once, placing the circular polarizer in front. 

Tip 3: Remote shutter release is another absolute necessity to produce perfect shots of waterfalls. Use remote shutter release to make sure that no vibration will happen once you press the shutter.   If your camera has a self timer you can use this instead of remote shutter release.  

Tip 4: Control the shutter speed. If you want to capture a smooth-flow look waterfall image, set a shutter speed from 1 to 1.6. 

Tip 5: Use a wide angle lens from 15mm up to 25mm if you want to capture the waterfall entirely.  

Tip 6: Bracketing the shots is another asset when photographing waterfalls, allowing you to use HDR software to keep the dynamic range if needed. 

It may seem trivial, but when photographing waterfalls, the right weather conditions can play a significant role. Avoid direct sunlight, because it can spoil the shot with white blowouts. A slightly overcast day can help achieve those perfect results. 

And finally use your camera’s lens hoods to protect your lens from water droplets.