Mercury. Is. In. Retrograde. Okay, you can stop running around the room now. Sure, the universe is currently in a serious mood and salty as heck, but it’s nothing you can’t handle with a couple of astrology insider tips. Mercury is the communication planet, so it makes sense the world goes a little wacky when it goes into retrograde (Can someone tell it to just like not though?) People get hangry quicker, emojiless texts are nearly 100% likely to be misinterpreted and social media, the ultimate communication network, is subject to spin OUT OF CONTROL. The first two are easy to combat. Have snacks on deck and use A LOT of smiley faces ? However, keeping your social media from melting down during Mercury Retrograde gets a little more complicated. The good news is we made you a guide on how to avoid social media catastrophes during this trying astrological…