Today is International Cat Day 2017, but here at PicsArt, we like to celebrate cats every day of the year. Which is why we’d like to introduce you to the concept of CatsArt. It’s all of the feline goodness you could think of being made on PicsArt photo editor and collage maker brought to you in one convenient post. What better way to celebrate? Here are the top five ways to celebrate International Cat Day with PicsArt. 1. Photobomb your friends with Selfie Cat. It wasn’t too long ago that Manny the Selfie Cat became a photobombing sensation. How did the PicsArt fam respond? With a  selfie cat sticker, of course! via PicsArt 2. Make a cat-tastic wallpaper for your phone. This stellar cat collage wallpaper made with PicsArt custom stickers is just what your phone needs for International Cat Day. via PicsArt 3. Create a cat throwback. Cats have…

We’ve all been waiting for this day. The day when we finally bring you… …the #CatsOfPicsArt. The good… The bad… And the snuggly. We’ve searched long and hard… High and low… To bring you the best of the best… The crème de la crème… The sweetest… The snuggliest… The regal… The stately… And the slightly demonic. The candid… The vengeful… The creepy… And the sleepy. The itty bitty… The teeny tiny… And the teensy weensy. There’s drama… Surprise… Intrigue… Disappointment… And betrayal. And of course… Lots… And lots… And LOTS… Of snuggles. Want your kitty to join the ranks of the Cats of PicsArt? (You know you do.) Share your cat photos on PicsArt photo editor with the hashtag #CatsOfPicsArt to get in on the action!

We asked our Japan PicsArtists to edit photos of their cats and, as we would expect, it turned out amazing. So today, we’re sharing our favorites and the winner of the Japan cat contest. 8. This cat is totally meta. 7. This cat prefers to be overdressed, rather than underdressed. Her motto? “Look good, feel good.” 6. This cute AF snuggle bunny. 5. Bonjour, I am a cat, but I have no name. 4. Float like a butterfly, meow like a cat. 3.  YOU GOTTA BE KITTEN ME. 2. Now let me take a catfie.  1. And the winner… MAJOR LAZER! Set phasers to meow.  Congratulations to the winner of the cat contest! But really in this case, we’re all winners.