Geometric Brush


When you’re in PicsArt, your options are pretty much, well, limitless tbh. You can time travel back to the 90s with vintage FLTRS, make totally rad Stranger Things fan remixes, edit yourself roller skating on the moon with your childhood cat (R.I.P. 😢) and/or anything in between!  Of course, no one comes out of the gate knowing how to do it all. You gotta start with the basics before making the jump to extraterrestrial family pet level! Lucky for you, our basics are anything BUT. No matter what your skill level, these 5 tutorials will get you making some 🤯 remixes with just a few taps and maybe a swipe or two. 1. Dispersion Tool: Not Just for Murdering Avengers Sure, our one-tap Dispersion Tool can transform any photo into a scene straight out of “Avengers: Infinity War” in a snap,  but it also looks awesome on selfies, landscapes, puppies, avocado toast…basically…