Did you know that your DSLR has a (not so) secret tool that will help you get a perfect exposure every single time? Like, literally every single time no matter what? Well. You do. Today I’m going to show you how to read a histogram. But would you believe me if I also told you that most amateur/hobbyist photographers don’t use it? Well, that’s also true. It’s probably because the histogram looks drab, boring, and at odds with the creative process of snapping incredible photos. It’s probably because it looks like this: I know. Enormously dull. Here’s the thing though: it’s also enormously helpful. That black and white graph shows you the distribution of pixels on a scale of pure black (not good) to pure white (also not good). The left third(ish) of a histogram is shadows, the middle third(ish) is midtones, and the right third(ish) is highlights. A well-exposed image has…