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Making the most of wedding photography requires a balance of classic and personal shots. If you want to perfectly capture those special moments, you’ll want to skip the overly posed and filtered photography trends that look dated and stick with the classics. We’ve rounded up this year’s top wedding photography trends to try that are current, gorgeous and timeless. Keep scrolling, consult your wedding photographer and get the most beautiful photos for your big day! 1. Black and White Shots This one takes the cake as the classic wedding photography trend. To give your wedding photos a traditional look that’s totally chic, try shooting or editing some shots in black and white. Trust us, it’s anything but old-fashioned — if done so correctly (and elegantly, like the jaw-dropping photo above). 2. The Smoke Bomb Smoke bombs add an extra dose of cool to wedding photos, creating a whimsical shot chock-full of color and personality. Plus, it’s a fun activity for the bride and groom…