national lipstick day


We no longer have to crush beetles and ants to get the right shade of scarlet for our pouts (but we applaud Cleopatra’s dedication!). And after a love-hate relationship for centuries, love finally won in the late 1940’s when 90% of American women started wearing lipstick. The 70s flower-power generation naturally introduced new colors to stay in touch with the times. But in the 80s, red lipstick got its comeback when the Madonna herself took it on tour. The lipstick trend is always evolving, but it never gets old. To celebrate National Lipstick Day, we’re showcasing five of our favorite pop culture queens who let lipstick steal the show, showing that lipstick will always make history. Taylor Swift, Allure Magazine Since red lipstick is now a signature TSwift look, you may not remember the days when a younger Taylor wore nude lipstick while dropping tears on her guitar. But it’s…