pop art


Pop art, short for popular art, is one of the largest art movements known in history. The famous movement emerged in the 1950s and boomed in the 1960s in America and Britain as artists drew inspiration from commercial and popular culture and created bold pieces that reflected the realities of everyday life. Pop art was highly influenced by American consumerism, fame and celebrity culture, and postwar culture.

There is too much amazing pop art floating around PicsArt to appreciate it all, but that won’t stop us from trying. Today, we’re rounding up some of our favorite pop art on PicsArt. There’s a lot of range and imagination in these edits, but they all have that unmistakable pop art feeling. They are loud, bright, sometimes nostalgic and always bursting with energy. Here are the pop edits that absolutely blew our hair back. Hypnotic Fruit Something about the Oil Painting Effect and swirling blue stripes is just mesmerizing. Nostalgic Pop An awesome riff on halftone dots for that classic comic look. Pop Love Black, white, red and bubble gum. Action Pop Look out! There’s an awesome edit, and yikes is it good. Egg-cellent Minimalism This is how you hatch up some pastel pop perfection. Soft Serve Swirls of soft serve ice cream in five pop flavors. Pop Mosaic This…