rain photography


When April unloads its torrential showers, everyone’s instinct is to run for cover, but photographers might do well to stick around for a drenching or two. The glistening streets and splattering droplets of spring can make for some exquisite rain photography, creating dramatic scenes of people sloshing through gushing gutters and sheets of downpour. Rain is rife with opportunities for splendid photography, so long as you don’t mind enduring the occasional spray and — yes — soggy socks. It’s a whole new visual arena very much worth exploring, but in case you’re still feeling iffy about going out into the wet stuff, this dry rundown of inspiring ideas might help push you out the door. Here are 10 tips on how to make the most of your rain photography this spring. They’ll ensure that when you finish up your shoot and come home soaked to your core, you’ll do so with a big wet smile. 1. Wet Impressionism If your camera…