You could live in a cave, or live under a rock But a life without fun Is a life we would mock. That’s why we remember Our dear Dr. Seuss, who sang with the Sneeches And danced with the Who’s. via PicsArt Today is the Day! Yes, the day is today. When our Dear Dr. Seuss comes back out to play. For on every March Second, We give him his credit. That’s why we can’t wait To see your Dr. Seuss Edits. Your images will shine And will have some finesse, When you add the cat in the hat or the grinch who stole christmas. So just open your app, Hold your selfie arm steady, Press that beautiful plus button And hooray! You are ready. Each brush finds its match, Each effect holds a wish, Whether you look like a Lorax Or walk like a blue fish. And then you’ve…