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Over the past several months, we’ve noticed a fun and artistic remixing trend on socials. Artists are taking portraits and outlining them with drawing tools for a modern and sophisticated Sketch edit.  Well, get excited because we just made the remix technique a lot easier with our four new Sketch effects, exclusively on PicsArt.  With the Sketch effects, you can take any portrait image and turn it into a Sketch masterpiece in just one tap.  The effects automatically detect the outlines of your portrait and instantly transform your image, saving you hours of drawing time. Plus, you can make it uniquely yours by changing the line width, line color and background color.  And to get you totally into the sketch mood, we’re running a Sketch Effects Remix Challenge from July 26th to July 29th for a chance to win a free year of PicsArt Gold 🙌. Here is how to enter: …