If you’ve seen our latest tutorial, then you know how cool the Sketcher Effect is. But what you might not know is that there are a ton of different things you can do with it. So we took a deep dive into the Sketcher Effect and picked out our favorite tricks for using it to make ridiculously easy, ridiculously awesome edits — just for you.

Bonus: You can use these tricks with literally any other Effect. So… You’re welcome.

Play up the scribbles.

After you’ve scribbled the Effect onto your picture, load it into Draw and outline your scribbles in a bright color. So easy. So fabulous.

Be selective.

Before applying the Effect, tap on the eraser icon and then brush it off over your main subject (bonus points if your background is a breathtaking landscape that you’re turning into a literal work of hand-sketched art).

Keep it colorful.

Just because the Sketcher Effect makes your pictures black and white doesn’t mean that they can’t be fabulously full of color. Here we applied the Effect everywhere except the main figure, then painted over the pavement in a bright blue color using the Overlay blending mode. And, since we were feeling bold, we threw in some Clipart from the Sarcasm package for good measure.

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Think outside the box.

This one’s a lot easier than it looks. Before applying the Sketcher Effect, we tapped on the eraser icon and then tapped on the dotted square icon (this lets you apply or erase the Effect using different shapes — did you know you could do that?!) We erased the Effect over a rectangular area, and then we brushed it off over the rest of the smoke. Then we loaded our picture into Draw, used the Shape Tool to give it a color-coordinated border, and hand-drew an outline around the smoke. 

Get graphic.

The Shape Tool — used in eraser mode — gives you even more flexibility in the shapes you use to apply an Effect, so listen up. For this edit we opened the original image and the image with the Sketcher Effect applied as separate layers in Draw. Then we tapped on the eraser icon, opened the Shape Tool, and erased part of the layer with the Effect in the shape of a tilted rectangle (but there are a bunch of other shapes to choose from). Then we threw on a few colorful accents, and called it a day.

Check out the video tutorial here:

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