When it comes to social media, the competition — and noise — are endless. So how do you ensure that your business stands out from the crowd? Social media for business is a major component to success, so avoiding it is not the answer. Instead, you need to find the right social media channels that work for your business and brand, then creating a winning strategy around them. That’s why we’ve compiled five vital social media tips that you can easily follow to build your social media presence. They involve implementing a special media marketing plan, finding the best photo editing tools to use to make your social media images pop, and more. 


1. Pick the Perfect Profile Picture

It may seem like a small detail — after all, profile pictures aren’t all that big in size — but picking the perfect profile picture for your business or brand is the first step in creating a social media presence that will make you instantly recognizable when fans are endlessly scrolling. It can be your business logo, a signature photo of you (especially if you’re a blogger, influencer, actor, or model), or any other image that you feel truly captures the essence of your brand. Think about it: It’s one of the first things your followers will see when they’re searching for you or happen to land on your page, so you want your profile picture to capture their attention. Make sure it’s not so small that they need to squint by using PicsArt’s photo editing tools to enhance your image with filters and effects (we like the dripping selfie for social avatars if you are your brand). You can also learn how to remove a background from pictures to make the backdrop of your profile picture clearer. 

2. Create Cool, Trendy Content Every Time

When it comes to social posts, it’s essential to create content that will stand out and keep your fans coming back for more. Quality should generally overrule quantity, but you need to determine a steady post cadence and stick to it (more on that below). Everyone wants to post cool, on-trend content that your audience will respond positively to. But where do you start? First, you have to define your target audience. Think about what are they looking for? What is a unique problem that they have that only you can help them answer? Once you have that figured out, then you can go about creating visually appealing posts that you know will speak to their unique tastes, aspirations, and needs. Stay up to date on industry news and visual trends through community-based mobile apps like Instagram and PicsArt to find trends as they unfold and unique ways to put your own spin on them. By sharing information that is novel, your account will be seen as the go-to for breaking content in your sector. Before you click to share, ask yourself the following questions: Would I share this post if it weren’t from my brand? Why should followers come to my page compared to another page? If you answer those two questions, then go back and edit the post until you can. 

3. Set a Schedule for Posting Content

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Keeping up with social media can be stressful if you don’t have a dedicated Social Media Manager. In order to keep the process smooth and enjoyable, be sure to come up with a schedule for posting content. Depending on your business needs, decide how many posts to share per week and on which platforms. Setting a schedule will help keep you on track. You can even do research to see what are the most popular times to post for each social media channel you have. That way, your followers will know what to expect from your feed. Be sure to maintain some level of spontaneity for those breaking news moments so you can be one of the first to post and get an edge up on the competition! 

4. Utilize Editing Tools to up Your Photo Game

Almost no photo posted on social media these days is without a filter or some other form of photo editing. Filters have become the norm these days, so how do you continue to stand out? Look into photo editing apps, like PicsArt, that can help you take your visual content to the next level. Photo effects that go beyond the filter are an easy way to make your visuals pop and they only take one tap to achieve! Take things a step further by learning how to add stickers to photos to give your photo a more lighthearted, fun aesthetic. Want to edit on desktop? PicsArt Web Tools are a great resource! We like the Style Transfer tool to alter any image to mimic the style of any other photo to give your feed a consistent look and feel. And finally, you can easily increase the resolution of images in a few clicks to ensure that all your posts are of the highest quality.  

5. Interact and Engage With Followers Often

Engaging with your followers is intrinsic to the social media game – that’s why it’s called “social!” It helps you appear more human and less robotic. It’s important to monitor your posts (aka “social community management”) to make sure you’re answering any questions and/or concerns from fans and customers. Be sure to also respond to direct messages in a timely manner – it’s all part of your customer service. Now more than ever, fans come to social with customer service questions and you want to make it as effortless as possible for them to interact with you. You can take things a step further by discovering ardent brand fans, following them back, and “liking” or commenting on their posts as well. You can also gain attention and even new followers by following accounts that are relevant to your industry and business. 

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