While we’ll never be ready to say goodbye to summer, we are excited about heading back to school and everything that comes with it. Fall trends, #bts shopping, the smell of freshly sharpened pencils, seeing our crushes every.single.day, and, of course, decorating our lockers to be on point year-round. Below, see what photos to print and DIY hacks for how to #slay your locker decor like the boss you are (with discounts too!).

Must-Have Prints

Locker photos need to serve two purposes: (1) show-off your summer vibes and (2) give you that much-needed moment of zen between classes. Let’s get to those that made the list!

Text Overlays

Put a text overlay onto one of your perfect summer snaps (we show you how here). It will remind you that summer will come again and give you the motivation you need to keep on keepin’ on.

Selfie With the Bestie

Because we really can never see them enough.

Summer Vacay Photos

You’ll definitely want to relive those moments — especially when winter comes. And you know what makes it even better? More summer vacation photos. Consider a collage!

Your Furry Friend

It’ll help you get through the end of the day knowing you’ll be snuggling with the little thing as soon as you’re home… and it’ll make people jealous.

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Locker Decor Hacks

Now comes the fun part!

For the organized student…

Locker Decor Ideas - PicsArt BlogStay inspired while staying organized!

 For the art student…

Locker Decor Ideas - PicsArt BlogUse a Shape Mask on your photos. Print, cut and then create awesome geometric print designs in your locker!

For the girl in love…

Locker Decor Ideas - PicsArt BlogMake a heart out of your photo printouts!

 For the free spirit…

Locker Decor Ideas - PicsArt BlogGet different types of washi tape and go wild!

For the DIY girl…

Locker Decor Ideas - PicsArt BlogGo with the magnetic rope and maybe create some glitter clips to go with?

For the aspiring photographer…

Locker Decor Ideas - PicsArt BlogDon’t just keep it to the locker! Show off your work. Engineer prints are the perfect book covers!

Make a statement with your locker decor this year. And we’re here to help. Parabo Press is offering discounts just for PicsArt users. You have the choice of (1) a free set of square prints or (2) 50% of Engineer Prints with the code PCSRT (only 1 coupon per order, and shipping is not included)! Have fun and make it awesome (and show us what you create with #LockerDecor)!


Megan Ann Harmon is the Director of Content at PicsArt.