Forget food coloring, come Easter there are some countries that take egg decorations to a whole other level. From precision paint jobs to magnificent shell carvings, the world is full of traditions that will forever change the way you look at a carton of eggs.

We’ve circled the world on the mother of all Easter egg hunts to track down the most egg-cellent national design techniques. After seeing how these eight countries do Easter, you’ll never want to settle for food coloring again.

1. Japanese Washi Eggs

Japanese egg decorations ideas
By The Press Democrat

In Okinawa, Japan, people decorate eggs with traditional Japanese Washi paper. The paper is cut into strips and glued onto hollowed out eggs piece by piece, then varnished.

2. Greek Red Dyed Eggs

traditional red Easter egg decorations
By Discover Greece

The blood red eggs of Greece are one of the oldest Easter traditions in the world. Though the origins are disputed, the technique has been the same for centuries. That deep red color is achieved with a natural dye made of onion skins and vinegar.

3. Hungarian Wax Resist-Dyeing

Hungarian egg decoration ideas
By Tamás Schauermann

Hungary uses different techniques to decorate their eggs, but the most popular is wax resist-dyeing. Hungarians paint intricate patterns on eggs with hot wax, creating beautiful quilt-like patterns in the dye.

4. Mexican Cascarones

Mexican Cascarones = Easter egg decorations
By longhorndave

Cascarones are hollowed eggs filled with confetti, and Mexicans throw them at friends or break them over their heads for both Easter and Carnaval.

5. Ukrainian Pysanky Eggs

Ukrainian egg decorations folk art patterns
By Luba Petrusha

The Ukraine goes all-out on Easter with pysanky eggs. Similar to in Hungary, they use complex wax techniques combined with layering different dyes to create amazingly intricate folk art patterns.

6. Polish Etching

Polish egg dyeing decorations
By jolekscrafts

In Poland, they use a simple technique to create some not-so-simple designs. Using a needle, they scratch gorgeous drawings into the dye of their eggs.

7. Czech Wire Eggs

easter egg decorations Czech techniques
By czechfoodiesmn

Using wire to tie elegant swirling knots, in the Czech Republic they cradle their eggs in delicate copper netting.

8. The Slovenian Master

creative egg decorations ideas by Grom
By Srdjan Zivulovic/Reuters/Corbis

In Slovenia, artist Franc Grom has invented his own approach to egg art. Using a tiny drill, he makes egg shells look like lace. This isn’t a national tradition per se, but we couldn’t not include it. His typical eggs have approximately 2,500 to 3,500 holes, though Grom has drilled as many as 17,000 holes into a single egg.

These designs aren’t meant to bust your yolk, or make you feel bad about your egg decorations. They are meant to inspire! Step up your game this Easter to create some amazing Easter eggs. Share on PicsArt, your go-to photo editor, with the tag #EasterEggs.


Mark is a Staff Writer at PicsArt Photo Studio. Born in Boston, USA, he is now based in Paris, France.