Perhaps you put your doodling days behind you with your too-cool Jansport backpack. Maybe you’ve been too afraid of your drawing skills to try. Maybe you’re an avid doodler who shies from sharing your work, or you’re loud and proud about your scribbles so you’re here to rejoice: The art of doodling is wonderful, and it’s perfect for you, me and everyone we know.

Here are some reasons why:

Doodle anywhere/anytime/all the time.

All you need is a writing utensil and a surface you can draw on. Long meeting at work? Teacher’s going over material you already know? Waiting at the dentist’s office? On a long phone call with mom? Get your doodle on. Doodling is a great way to pass the time and be artistic in life’s duller moments, with very little setup and a certain level of social acceptance (you can’t just whip out a pottery wheel when you’re feeling antsy in a work meeting).

Reimagine ordinary life.

Be inspired by the world around you for content. Doodle the objects you see in the room or transport yourself and lift your mood by doodling your favorite things, like cake or palm trees or pajamas. Or puppies. Or cake. (Did I already say cake?) You’ll begin to see the world around you in a more magical way, envisioning how everything could be a doodle. Go a step further and combine your doodles with real-life objects or photos.

Doodling can be tiny, and tiny is great.

In the art of doodling, you end up drawing small, either due to fine drawing utensils, limited space or discretion. And drawing small is magic. Explore your unique interpretation and characterization of objects as you shed details of reality to fit the smaller scale. Challenge yourself to fill a page or surface with tiny drawings and marvel at the lively texture of your sea of doodles. And, easiest of all, admire the fascinating human tendency to be attracted to small, cute things (Seriously, you’ll probably just like your own art more because it’s smaller. It’s a fascinating instinct).

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Draw anything.

Doodling can be anything. ANYTHING. You can doodle words, shapes, textures, objects, people, make-believe creatures or patterns. You can simply trace around existing content on a page, or add googly eyes to all the capital letters in your notes. Enjoy the freedom of having no expectations about what you draw — it doesn’t have to look like anything recognizable to you or anyone. Or, if you do have a specific end-product in mind, doodling is the best way to explore different renditions and styles to put to paper what’s on your mind.

Discover and embrace your unique style.

Because there are no expectations and no right or wrong, doodling is “you do you” paradise. Recreational doodlers will put this in their back pockets for their own enjoyment and take pride in their creations (doodles will soon be your favorite social media postings). Serious artists who may be self-conscious about their visual voice can use doodling to explore their style and find what truly feels good. With doodling there is always always forgiveness, always discovery and always uniqueness.

How do you doodle? Get your scribbling on and share your images on PicsArt photo editor with the hashtag #DoodleItYourWay.


Artist/animator/writer/human perpetually craving cake and having existential musings. Miami Beach dweller.