Love makes us do crazy things. And our mad love for Harley Quinn has the PicsArt fam making an amazing array of insanely cool edits, drawings and photos inspired by the new it girl.

We’ve seen jaw-dropping cosplay and kickass edits, with no end in sight for the insanity. Here’s some of our favorite Harley Quinn fan art on PicsArt so far.

The Cosplay Queen

Nailing Harley’s look with deadly accuracy — down to the jacket — we just hope that @lija_sultanova’s baseball bat stayed on her shoulder.

Bronze Finish for Miss Quinn

After smashing the box office, Harley Quinn captured third place in our Weekly Drawing Project with this brilliant portrait.

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Armed to the Teeth

The spiked wrist bands probably are more of a fashion choice than a weapon, but with Quinn, you never know.

War Paint

Sometimes, the unmistakeable eyeliner is all you need.

A Softer Look

Harley’s style is a bit less menacing in gorgeous watercolor.

Fill in the Blanks

Without the eyeliner and hair dye, there’s still no doubt who this is.

If you’re head over heels for Harley, share your tribute on PicsArt photo editor with the hashtag #HarleyQuinn to keep the mania going!


Mark is a Staff Writer at PicsArt Photo Studio. Born in Boston, USA, he is now based in Paris, France.