The #ToonMe challenge is the latest craze of the social art world. While it started in the hands of professional artists and illustrators, as is the case with all photo editing challenges there’s no reason why you can’t join-in using PicsArt.

For the past couple of weeks, the #ToonMe challenge has taken the digital art world by storm, where illustrators take selfies of themselves and turn half the photo into a cartoon while leaving the other half as is.

Here at PicsArt, we organize challenges for our users all the time, but we find it really inspiring when unique challenges like #ToonMe take off on their own on socials. Anything that gets more people into making art is always great in our books.

While some of the more serious takes on the #ToonMe challenge has us all floored with just how awesome they look.

Instagram @arminedraws

Some of us simply don’t have the talent or the means to achieve similar results, but that’s where we come in.

Tons of PicsArt users have already shown their own renditions of the #ToonMe challenge through PicsArt, and they’re seriously awesome.

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Hhhh i had this sitting in my laptop for a week and i finally got motivated to finish it (i think),, hair is not possible#toonme #digitalart #youcanclearvia PicsArt

#toonmevia PicsArt

#toonmevia PicsArt

Now if you’re thinking “there’s no way I could do that,” well, you shouldn’t go down without a fight.

There are already tutorials out there on how to turn your photos to cartoons using PicsArt, and we have a brand new tutorial specifically on how to do the #ToonMe challenge using nothing but PicsArt.

You can see in the video just how easy it is to cartoonify yourself with PicsArt. You can also find the individual steps of the tutorial in the description of the video.

If you’ve gone through the video and know your way around on how to cartoonify yourself, you might as well check our special challenge that we have going on.

Head over to PicsArt and give your selfies the #ToonMe treatment and share with us all the awesomeness that you can come up with, we can’t wait to see the results!