photo editing tutorialUser Paolo Morucci (@paolomore) is one of PicsArt’s most creative photo editors, and he has a deep passion for creating tutorials that break down his photo-editing projects. He shares all of his step by step tutorials with #editstepbystep, a tag in the PicsArt community that lets other users find your tutorials. This tutorial followed his winning entry in the Motion Tool Weeknd Art Project. The image featured here took first place for using the Motion Tool in a very creative and unexpected way to distort a face into what looks like a wild mane of tentacles. See how Paolo did it below! 

Step 1: Upload a Photo

Upload a photo of a face. 

Step 2: Motion Tool 1

Select Motion from the Tools menu. Select the Free mode and simply select an area of your photo and drag it into a long and extended wave. 

Step 3: Motion Tool 2

Confirm and repeat this process with the Motion Tool as many times as necessary to create a cluster of tentacle-like ribbons. You can change the style of the ribbons by changing the shape of the areas you select before you drag. 

Step 4: Final Touch

Open the effects menu and add effects like HDR and Sharpen for a final touch. You can also open the Tools menu and increase contrast for a bolder image. 

how to use PicsArt motion tool