Your phone is basically your most important accessory. There are so many ways that you can customize your iPhone, from finding the perfect phone case (which is no easy task, with so many options available) to creating your own iPhone wallpaper photo collage to customizing your iOS 14 home screen icons. But there are more ways for you to lock down your creative game and become a trendsetter. Here’s how to use PicsArt photo editor and collage maker to make a custom iPhone lock screen wallpaper that’ll make your friends say “How’d you do that?!”

  1. Download PicsArt photo editor and collage maker for iOS, Android or Windows. Open a screenshot of your lock screen in the photo editor and tap on “Add Photo.”
  2. Select your first image and tap on “Shape Crop.”
  3. Select the circle option and adjust the placement of your crop. Tap on “Apply.”
  4. Use the slider to bring the border down to zero and confirm by tapping on “Crop” in the top right corner.
  5. Place your crop over one of the iPhone lock screen buttons and use the slider to lower the opacity a little. Tap on the plus sign at the top of the screen and select “Photo.”
  6. Repeat the process to add images over all of the buttons. When you’re done with your photo collage, tap on “Apply,” set your new iPhone lock screen wallpaper, and share it on PicsArt photo editor with the hashtag #LockScreen!
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how to make an iphone lock screen wallpaper


PicsArt photo editor and collage maker is all about you (learn more about PicsArt collage maker and frames). If you haven’t tried it, you’re missing out! Download the app to get in on the action.