Here at PicsArt, we know how much our users value an open community of free-to-edit images, and a seemingly endless world of content to create their best edits. That’s why we are so excited to announce a new partnership with Unsplash, one of the largest libraries of royalty-free images.

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Unsplash is one of the world’s leading photography websites. Their approach is simple: bring together all of the copyright-free images they can gather into one platform, and enable a new generation of photographers and editors to create true works of art. No watermarks, no red tape; just a perfectly-organized library of some of the most stunning images you’ve ever seen.

This partnership is huge for our PicsArt community. Going forward, you will be able to access over half a million Unsplash free-to-edit images on PicsArt, opening up a new world of images with all of the tools and features from PicsArt that you know and love.

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That’s why we are sure that our partnership with Unsplash will play a major role in expanding the creative capacity of our artistic community. Besides their seemingly-endless library of stunning images, Unsplash shares the belief that creative platforms don’t just serve as a way to edit images, but to foster a community that promotes collaboration and growth.

 #freetoedit via PicsArt

 #freetoedit via PicsArt

What are you waiting for? Jump in and explore everything the Picsart/Unsplash partnership has to offer today!

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