change background


You may have seen stories on Instagram that look too good to have not been customized and wondered, “Hey, how do I do that on my Instagram account, too?” 🤔 Whether you’re sharing a later-gram or a hilarious repost from one of your friends, you can always customize your content share to your own personal style. One of the easiest, littlest known hacks comes with learning how to change background color on Instagram stories.

Have you ever taken a photo only to wish you could change the background? Whether you’re trying to spotlight products for your online store or simply want to create a fun and clean picture for your Instagram feed, there are plenty of reasons to give your image a new background, and certainly, more than one quick way to get the job done! 

Looking for quick and easy ways to transform your photos? What if you could cut out a person from a photo or change their clothing, face, or hair without having to do a reshoot? Being able to edit the sky or change image backgrounds is one of the easiest ways to uplevel your photos (not to mention a great way to remove background clutter). And now with PicsArt’s newly launched AI Select feature, you can do all of this and add a new background to photos in mere seconds!