What is it about vintage photos that makes us feel nostalgic for the good old days? Maybe it’s because they remind us of a simpler time. Or maybe we just like their old-school aesthetic. Either way, sometimes a retro effect can really jazz up an average photo. Think about the romantic and timeless look of a black-and-white photograph taken on a film camera. The texture of the film grain and the imperfections and glitches captured by the analog machine give digital photos a dreamy haze. There’s a reason why so many of our social media posts from the early days are bathed in a warm sepia glow. We were all just trying to recreate the beauty of a bygone era!

Trends come and go, but some effects are timeless. That’s why we are sure you will love the four different filters that make up our Vintage collection. Whether your have disco fever or are swinging into the forties, this category will transport your image to the year it belongs. via PicsArt When you click “effects,” these new FLTRs will pop right up. Scroll past Millennial filters on the bottom banner and you will see VIN1 through VIN4, each one of them giving a distinct look that will take you back in time. via PicsArt VIN1 is your go-to antiquated look. Its subtle but sweet effect is perfect for all of our old souls on PicsArt. via PicsArt Looking for a filter that makes more of a statement? VIN2 will let you create your very own Blue Period portrait for a chilly and stunning effect. via PicsArt If VIN2 cools things…