virtual backgrounds


We wish we could snap our fingers and throw you the epic prom, graduation, and senior trip you deserve. 🕺🎉 Since we can’t, we’re gifting you the next best thing: free Zoom backgrounds to help you celebrate the most anticipated school events and milestones from home, plus a few extras for fun!

We know it’s not exactly the same, but you’ll still be able to get some pretty awesome (screen)shots that generations to come will get a kick out of. Buckle up and hit mute because you’re about to scream over how awesome these are. 😱  

Alert, alert! We have some very important information that is guaranteed to improve your working-from-home experience ten-fold. Hint: It involves something we’ve all been doing a lot more of lately… Zoom video conferencing! 

Zoom video conferencing is awesome for a lot of reasons. There’s the obvious: You can chat face-to-face with nearly anyone in the world while in sweatpants (business on top, of course 👔). But, there’s another key game-changer that you might be in the dark about that sets Zoom above the rest: their virtual background feature.