Clipart Collections

  • Why do you need Clipart?

    Because it’s awesome! And PicsArt has the largest collection of clipart on mobile. PicsArt Photo Editor provides high quality educational, artistic, business and fun clipart collections. Clip art can be used in school projects and are appropriate for classroom use. Can be used to illustrate your story for Snapchat, make a nice meme for Instagram, or spruce up your Facebook selfies. Use in messaging and/or illustration. Put them on top of your photos using advanced and free photo editing tools from PicsArt. Many clipart packages are free, some have small fees.

    We have organized all our clipart in Clipart Collections. You can use thousands of very cool clipart packs. Browse and View the listing of PicsArt clipart below. Categories include animals, flowers,emojis, people, birthday clipart, school clipart, holiday clipart, quotes and more. New clipart packages added weekly!

    • Clipart Collections

      With clipart collections for every theme and every taste, PicsArt gives you all the clipart you’ll ever need to make every photo perfect, every time. Whatever the occasion, you’ll find the perfect clipart pack to celebrate in style.

    • Thanksgiving Clipart

      • Happy Thanksgiving Clipart

        At PicsArt we’re thankful for friends, family, and well, awesome clipart. So this year, show your gratitude with Thanksgiving clipart that shows you care.

      • Thanksgiving Wishes Clipart

        Thanksgiving Clipart that has all you crave to make your holiday photos unforgettable. The collection includes turkey clipart, pumpkin clipart, pilgrim hats, pies, and much more. Your holiday table never looked so tasty with Thanksgiving clipart that keeps on giving.

      • Harvest Clipart

        With the Harvest Clipart package your favorite foods are always in-season. Pumpkins, apples, corn and other fall goodies are there to give any photo warm autumn vibes. Add turkeys, pies and other cool harvest clipart into the mix and you’ve got yourself a Thanksgiving party!

    • Fantasy Clipart

      • Winter is Coming Clipart

        For all the fans of Game of Thrones series PicsArt’s got a brand new Winter is Coming package!

      • Rainbow Dreams Clipart

        Use these stickers as face paint and hair dye, or make them emanate from you like you’re a colorful spirit person that’s here to make the world awesome.

      • Unicorn Makeup Clipart

        For anyone who wants to cover themselves all over in magic!

      • UFO Clipart

        Create edits that are out of this world with UFO clipart and introduce your pics to visitors from galaxies far, far away.

      • Aliens Clipart

        Aliens Clipart has 11 of the most hilarious, cartoonish, and friendly aliens, their spaceships and weapons, all ready to join your pics and make them even more fun!

      • Broken Glass Clipart

        Break the ice with Broken Glass Clipart. Put icy frames around your winter photos or shatter everyone's minds with awesome clipart.

      • Eyes Clipart

        Eyes Clipart features over a dozen magical eyes that look like galaxies, and you can easily make them appear to be your own!

      • Unicorn Clipart

        Unicorn Clipart has got twelve of the most adorable fantasy creatures you'll get your hands on. They're almost too good to be true! Shhh, unicorns are totally real!

    • Education Clipart

      • Smart Girl Clipart

        Get ready to hit the books and slay the looks with Smart Girl Clipart by your side!

      • Graduation Clipart

        Make edits that revel in your accomplishments! You earned this degree, so enjoy it.

      • Letters Clipart

        Got something to say? Say it loud and say it clear with Letters Clipart! These awesome graffiti letters will make every text look like a spraypainted masterpiece.

      • Book Clipart

        Books are always in style, and with Book Clipart you always have a trusted companion by your side. With books of all sorts (open, closed, stacked, flying through the air, you name it), there's always the perfect one for any picture.

      • School Clipart

        The School Clipart collection gives you dozens of ways to decorate your photos with text overlays, icons, and everything else school related! Whether in class or studying at home, celebrate learning in style with school clipart and show everyone how much fun you’re having.

    • Travel Clipart

      • Traveler's Diary Clipart

        Express your wanderlust and decorate pics from your favorite trips with Traveler’s Diary Clipart.

      • Traveling Clipart

        These stickers are for any couple who’ll go to the ends of the earth for each other… or at least with each other!

    • Summer Clipart

      • Summer Lovin' Clipart

        Whether you love the beach, ice cream, or just need some great slogans to express your love of the season, Summer Lovin’ is there for you.

      • Summer Vibes Clipart

        Go camping, hop a hot air balloon, or ride a bike. Express your love of summer with sunny phrases. This pack is sure to give you the summer feels!

      • Cocktails Clipart

        Grab your shaker and sliced lemons, it’s time to stir up an ice-cold summer cocktail!

      • Good Vibes Clipart

        Keep the good times rolling with this pack of positive affirmations!

      • Aloha Clipart

        From dolphins to coconut beverages, Aloha Clipart is the perfect way to get in a tropical state of mind.

      • Summer Clipart

        Hit the beach from anywhere and anytime with the Summer Clipart package. From swimsuits to cocktails, it's got all the clipart you need to make your photos into a day in the sun and sand.

    • Art Clipart

    • Lifestyle Clipart

      • Music Clipart

        Turn the Volume Up, it’s time to Get Loud!

      • Fitspiration Clipart

        Pack of motivation phrases is custom made to boost up your engines and get you to the gym!

      • Yoga Life Clipart

        Sayings and phrases that exude zen lifestyle and are perfect for all of your most zen photos.

      • Football Clipart

        Get ready for the big game with this football clipart pack that has all the goodies to cheer your team to victory this Super Bowl Sunday..

    • Nature Clipart

      • Go Green Clipart

        Embrace your inner tree hugger and spread the word on how important it is to protect our planet.

      • Walk In the Woods Clipart

        Take your pics down a surreal forest path with Walk In the Woods Clipart.

      • Leaf Clipart

        Add lush plant-life to give your pics a touch of nature, or turn them into a full-blown jungle!

      • Tree Clipart

        Ever said all this picture's missing is a tree? We all have, and the Tree Clipart pack gives you all the shrubby goodness you'll need to connect with nature. From palm trees to pine trees, you'll be able to create the perfect natural setting.

    • Animal Clipart

      • Winter Animals Clipart

        This clipart collection of the most adorable winter animals wrapped in scarves will make even the coldest of hearts melt this winter. Give them a home in your pictures and up the sweetness to the max.

      • Butterfly Clipart

        Choose from thirty four colorful butterflies to flutter into your selfies and landscapes. Butterfly Clipart covers a beautiful variety of butterfly species, laying flat and resting at different angles, so that there's always the right butterfly clipart for you.

      • Owl Clipart

        Owl you need is love, love is owl you need. And you're going to be in major love with this Owls Clipart package that gives you ten of the cutest owls you'll ever find.

      • Animal Clipart

        Need a furry friend by your side? Animal Clipart to the rescue! Fluffy bunnies, adorable kittens, cute dogs and cheeky speech bubbles will be near and dear.

      • Dog Clipart

        Dog Clipart has got it all to show your love for man’s best friend. And indeed, fluffy, friendly, loyal, and really, really excited to see you again - dogs are no doubt the finest pet friends you can ever have!

      • Cat Clipart

        Cats are adorable, no two meows about it. With Cat Clipart you can make your pics stand out with the funny and captivating cats that won’t leave anyone indifferent.

    • Aurora Prize For Awakening Humanity Clipart

      Aurora Prize for Awakening Humanity

      Become part of the global humanitarian movement and support it with reimagining the digital presentation of the issues as to express the devotion to humanity as whole.

    • Yummy Clipart

      • Cooking Love Clipart

        Get ready for World Baking Day, and cook up the most delicious edits with Cooking Love stickers!

      • Coffee Time Clipart

        Take a coffee break with more than two dozen Coffee Time stickers to give your pics that delicious roasted coffee flavor.

    • Flowers Clipart

      • Embroidered Flowers Clipart

        Embroider the entire internet a beautiful flowery designs!

      • Flower Clipart

        Send your creativity into full bloom with Flower Clipart, and have beautiful whirls of petals floating around your pictures.

    • Father's Day Clipart

      Father's Day Clipart

      Some superheros don’t wear capes - they are called Dads!

    • Funny Clipart

      • Japanese Emotions Clipart

        Express your feelings in that adorable Japanese cartoon way with Japanese Emotions Clipart.

      • Garfield Clipart

        Get your favorite lasagna eating housecat into your edits with Garfield Clipart!

      • Betty Boop Stickers

        Betty Boop has always been the most coquette cartoon out there, and now you can bring her iconic style into your edits.

      • Anime Chibi Clipart

        These little characters are sure to brighten up your pics with their cute style.

      • Pirate's Life Clipart

        Hoist up the sails and grab your talking parrot, it’s Pirate’s Life Clipart!

      • Animal Ears Clipart

        Embrace your wild side and grow a fuzzy pair of animal ears!

    • Mother's Day Clipart

      Mother’s Day Quotes Clipart

      Let your mom know how you really feel with Mother’s Day Quotes Clipart - a pack of sayings and phrases about the most important woman in your life!

    • Fiesta Clipart

      • Cinco de Mayo Clipart

        Embrace the celebration by downloading Cinco de Mayo Clipart on the PicsArt Photo Editor!

      • Mardi Gras Clipart

        Dive into New Orlean’s unforgettable festival and put on Mardi Gras masks, spray confetti everywhere and throw up the beads!

    • Coachella Clipart

    • Girl Power Clipart

      Girl Power Clipart

      Scream out "Girls!" when Beyonce asks "Who run the world?" and proudly wear this clipart pack on your pics.

    • Neon Clipart

      • Neon Colors Clipart

        Over a dozen text phrases with late-night themes like partying, food, and a romance are awaiting you in Neon Colors Clipart!

      • Neon Lights Clipart

        Make your shots pop with glowing neon images and give them the unique colors they are longing for!

      • Neon Signs Clipart

        Choose from a dozen designs etched in light and give unique glow to your images!

    • Easter Clipart

      Easter Clipart

      Put a hop in your step with Easter Clipart. These twelve stickers of watercolor illustrations bring a classic storybook feel to the themes of Easter and spring.

    • Halloween Clipart

      • Spooky Neon Clipart

        Give your Halloween pictures some supernatural vibrant additions to creep out and lure your followers all at once.

      • Halloween Clipart

        Halloween clipart makes it easy to give yourself the look you want without the hassle. Featuring makeup clipart, face masks, and lips that are too wild not to try, this clipart collection will completely transform any ordinary photo of you into a Halloween costume unlike anything else.

      • Pumpkin Clipart

        Pumpkins are easier to carve than ever with the Pumpkin Clipart collection. With a pumpkin clipart for every mood and every occasion, these little orange cuties will be by your side whenever you need them. Pumpkin clipart isn’t just for Halloween, use it to make any photo better, anytime.

    • Party Clipart

      • Pink Day Clipart

        Make any day turn into a colorful and festive celebration of beauty of life!

      • Glitter Bomb Clipart

        Set off a Glitter Bomb and make your pics sparkle with shimmering bursts of color!

      • Holographic Makeup Clipart

        Give yourself an iridescent new makeover with Holographic Makeup Clipart!

      • Balloon Clipart

        Bring out the child in you, and make your pics more colorful with the Balloon Clipart bundle!

      • Star Clipart

        Reach for the stars with Star Clipart and get your own place in the sky.

      • Party Clipart

        Get wild with Party Clipart's collection of party wigs and fun hairdos that will be the highlight of your girls night out pics.

    • Tree of Life Clipart

      Transparent Tree with Roots Clipart

      Transparent tree with roots clipart lets you create your own Tree of Life images and take part in the #normalizebreastfeeding movement by making your own incredible brelfies and supporting breastfeeding moms everywhere!

    • Valentine's Day Clipart

      • Funny Valentine Clipart

        Make your valentine laugh with these funny Valentine's Day phrases and puns, that will make anyone crack a loving smile.

      • Valentine Messages Clipart

        Tell your Valentine how you really feel this year and with Valentine Messages that express your feelings in a beautiful way.

      • Valentine's Day Clipart

        Make your Valentine blush with the clipart pack that has all the lovey-dovey goodies to make anyone yours.

    • St. Patrick's Day

      St Patrick's Day Clipart

      Buckle up your shoes and grab a fistful of lucky coins with St. Patrick’s Day Clipart!

    • Donald Trump Clipart

      Trump Hair Clipart

      Twenty free stickers of memorable Trump quotes to make memes with (Bad Hombre anyone?), Make America Great Again hats, and of course the signature Trump hair clipart made as a wig that you can easily add to any photo.

    • Love Clipart

      • Engaged Clipart

        Funny and punny quotes are exactly what every edgy and cool couple needs when announcing their engagement!

      • Graffiti Love Clipart

        These romantic street murals give you all of that edgy spray-can graffiti vibe, without any of the looking over your shoulder for cops who might ruin the mood.

      • Cupid Clipart

        Add little cupids and cherubs to your pics and have them float around your Valentine's Day snaps.

      • Kiss Clipart

        Pucker up your lips with kiss clipart, and send your loved one the biggest smooch.

      • Love Quotes Clipart

        Tell someone you love them with a beautiful love quote.

      • Love Clipart

        Love is always in the air with PicsArt's Love Clipart. Make awesome Valentine's Day cards, love collages and so much more with clipart that's guaranteed to melt hearts.

      • Heart Clipart

        Spread the joy of love and affection with Heart Clipart. Make your photos warm and tender with hearts, cupids, roses and more love inspired clipart.

    • Memes Clipart

      Meme Clipart

      Making funny memes is easy with Meme Clipart - the package that has all the hilarious catch phrases and reactions you need to accompany laugh out loud pics.

    • Chinese New Year Clipart

      • Chinese Dragons Clipart

        Beautiful and majestic dragons await in this clipart pack. Put on a dragon mask, snap on a dragon tail, breath out fire or have an intricate dragon curl around your body, the photo edits you can do with dragon clipart are endless.

      • Fireworks Clipart

        Send fireworks up into the sky and light up your photos with firework masks and stickers that will make any picture a festive masterpiece!

      • Floating Lanterns Clipart

        Light up the night sky with floating lanterns. Choose from a dozen beautiful lit lanterns to float over you in your photos.

      • Lunar New Year Clipart

        Red and gold roosters are ready for a clucking good time in your photos with this festive clipart pack designed to make the year of rooster ahead an awesome one.

      • Chinese New Year Clipart

        This pack of Chinese calendars is perfect for photo overlays, and syncs up your pics with the time-tables of the ancient Chinese.

    • New Year Clipart

      • Happy New Year 2017 Clipart

        Make it rain glitter and confetti on all your New Year party photos and make every picture sparkle.

      • New Year Clipart

        Every month of the year is like the beginning of the new year with 12 calendar frames that will keep your new year resolutions on track, all while having fresh looking photos year-round.

      • New Year Wishes Clipart

        New Year Wishes Clipart from PicsArt gives you dozens of festive text overlays to put over your New Year photos and wish everyone a happy New Year, and show off the new you!

    • Christmas Clipart

      • Santa Clipart

        Santa Clipart will give you not one, not two, but 35 (!) Santas to play around with. Whether climbing down the chimney or riding a bicycle, Santa Clipart has got everything to make your Christmas pics into a real hoot with the jolliest dude around.

      • Christmas Sweaters Clipart

        The Christmas Sweaters Clipart pack has the best collection of ugly (yet oh so pretty) holiday sweaters you can get your virtual hands on. Put on some knitwear and make all the fashion no-no's you want this holiday.

      • Snow Clipart

        Bring the magic of snow into your photos with Snow Clipart! With everything from Santa hats to fairies and birds made of gentle snowflakes, you'll fall in love with this clipart pack.

      • Christmas Wishes Clipart

        Make your pictures shine bright with neon lights with the Christmas Wishes Clipart pack that's designed to make every holiday picture awesome and memorable.

      • Christmas Quotes Clipart

        Spread holiday cheer and give warm wishes to everyone with the Christmas Quotes Clipart package that won't leave anyone indifferent.

      • Christmas Clipart

        The Christmas Clipart bundle features magical snowglobes and Christmas tree decorations that will make your pictures the envy of the season!

      • Winter Clipart

        Winter Clipart has got all the Christmas text overlays and quotes you'll need to make this the best snowy season ever! Give your pictures that special winter touch and send welcome in the first snow.

      • Xmas Clipart

        Your favorite HJ Story couple is back for Christmas! Take a look at Xmas Clipart now and start getting cozy with your loved one!

      • Christmas Costumes Clipart

        Put on your best holiday outfit with the Christmas Costumes Clipart! Santa hats, elf ears, and colorful clothes are just some of the clipart you can use in your Christmas pictures to embrace the holiday spirit.

      • Christmas Makeup Clipart

        Get wild with Christmas Makeup Clipart that will make the craziest and cutest holiday looks possible.

      • Snowflake Clipart

        Let it snow let it snow let is snow! Snowflake Clipart will turn any photo into a winter wonderland and envelop you in the holiday spirit. Each snowflake is as unique as you are. Shine on!

    • 4th of July Clipart

      • Picnic Clipart

        Hamburgers and sandwiches, soda, wine and smoothies - all are lined up in the Picnic Clipart set for you to bite a piece of them!

      • Independence Clipart

        15 stickers of red white and blue that make us all burst with patriotism and pride for the country!

      • Family Quotes Clipart

        Give your family pics another tint of warmness and love.

      • Fireworks Clipart

        Send fireworks up into the sky and light up your photos with firework masks and stickers that will make any picture a festive masterpiece!

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