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This past week, mothers around the world celebrated the special bond between them and their babies during World Breastfeeding Week 2017. In the campaign to #NormalizeBreastfeeding, mothers around the world connected and supported each other by sharing their #brelfies on social media. While today is the last day of World Breastfeeding Week, we don’t think the #brelfies should stop anytime soon. If you have a brelfie but need some World Breastfeeding Week ideas on how to make it even more gorgeous, check out how to use PicsArt photo editor and collage maker to create your own Tree of Life edit.

#treeoflife #brelfie #normalizebreastfeedingvia PicsArt

  1. Download PicsArt photo editor and collage maker for iOS, Android, or Windows.
  2. Open the app and search for “tree of life.” Select the “Stickers” tab under the search bar and choose the free custom sticker you want to use. Then, hit “Apply.”
  3. Select your breastfeeding photo/brelfie.
  4. Adjust the sticker to your liking. You can rotate it and adjust the size. You can also tap on the eraser button and erase parts that extend too far out.
  5. Once you’re happy with the look and position of your sticker, tap “Apply” in the top right corner.
  6. Then, select Magic from the bottom menu and choose the Magic Effect you like best. Rainbow, Flare, and Midnight are the most popular. You can also adjust the opacity and blending modes by tapping on the effect a second time.
  7. Tap on “Apply,” to save to your device, and share on PicsArt photo editor using #TreeOfLife!

PicsArt photo editor, collage maker and sticker maker is all about you. If you haven’t tried it, you’re missing out! Remix free-to-edit pictures into awesome collages and memes. Download the app to get in on the action.

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