Have you ever taken a photo only to wish you could change the background? Whether you’re trying to spotlight products for your online store or simply want to create a fun and clean picture for your Instagram feed, there are plenty of reasons to give your image a new background, and certainly, more than one quick way to get the job done! 

While you might be intimidated by the idea of removing the background of a photo, there are easy and intuitive ways to edit pictures digitally. In this post, we will teach you exactly how you can not only remove the background from your photos, but also create a variety of new backgrounds with a range of fun colors, shapes, patterns, and more. 

How to Change a Photo Background With PicsArt Web 

Before and after photo of girl and guy with different backgrounds

One of the easiest ways to change the background of your photo is to log on to PicsArt and use the Change & Remove Background tool. In total, this process shouldn’t take more than five minutes! Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Once you’ve selected the Change & Remove Background tool, choose an image from PicsArt’s library of #FreeToEdit photos or upload one of your own. 

Step 2: At this point, you will have a few tools to select from and use together to effectively remove the background from your image. 

  • The Eraser Tool: This tool is as simple as it sounds. When you use the eraser tool on a photo, it literally removes any part of the image that you pass over. This is perfect for removing very specific portions of a background. What’s great is that you can adjust the size, opacity, and hardness of the eraser. With the size adjustment, you’re able to control the width of your eraser. With the opacity adjustment, you can decide whether you want to remove the background entirely, or simply make it less visible; the higher your opacity, the more background the eraser will remove. Last but not least, with the hardness adjustment, you can control how harsh the outline of your eraser is. If you decrease hardness, your eraser strokes will have soft edges that seamlessly blend in with what’s left of the image. 
  • The Brush Tool: What happens if you’re using the eraser tool and suddenly remove a part of your photo that you wanted to keep? No problem. This is where the Brush tool comes in, essentially working as an anti-eraser. The brush tool will restore anything that has been erased, and you can apply the same adjustments (size, opacity, hardness) to the Brush tool that you apply to the eraser. It’s best to use the Brush and Eraser tools together to perfectly outline the part of your photo that you want to keep.
  • Remove Background Tool: The Eraser and Brush tools allow for real DIY editing, but if you’re looking for a quick fix, try the Remove Background tool. This tool automatically removes the background from any photo, and it offers two options to play with. You can choose whether you want the tool to outline an object or a person. With high-resolution images that have clearly defined subjects, this tool will work great. If you have a complex image with a background that blends into its subject, then this automated tool might not work as well as the Eraser or Brush tools.

Step 3: Okay, so you’ve removed the background from your photo and clicked Apply. Now what? This is where it gets really fun!  At this point, your photo editor will offer a few different options. You can add a photo background by selecting Photo and searching PicsArt’s vast library of stock images. You can choose to add a shape as the background and adjust its color. You might add a few stickers or infuse your image with some text. Whatever you choose to use as your background, make sure that your original subject is placed in front of all the layers. You can adjust this by right-clicking on the subject and selecting Bring to Front, or by playing with the order of the layers, which you’ll find on the right-hand sidebar of your editor. 

Step 4: Once you’ve added a new background to your photo, you can spice up the image even more by applying some effects to the final image. Just click on Effects, search the PicsArt library, choose your favorite, and click Apply. When you’re ready, you can download your new image and save it directly to your desktop. It’s that easy!

How to Change a Photo Background With the PicsArt App

Before and after photo of girl lying on grass with different backgrounds

What if you’re on the go and need to remove the background from an image on the fly? In this case, the PicsArt app is your best friend. Again, the entire photo editing process shouldn’t take more than a few minutes, and it’s easy whether you’re working with an iPhone or an Android. Here’s how to get started: 

Step 1: Open the PicsArt app and upload the photo that you’d like to edit. Next, choose the Cutout tool (you’ll recognize it by the little scissors icon). Similar to the Eraser tool in the Web Editor, this tool gives you two different options for removing the background of your photo.

  •  Select Mode: When you’re in select mode, the app does most of the work for you. All you have to do is let the software know what you’re trying to cut out of the image. You can choose to cut out something as general as a person or the background, or something specific like hair. Whatever you choose, the program will remove everything beyond the selection.
  • Outline Mode: This option is more DIY and requires a steady hand. When you are in outline mode, you can use the eraser and restore tools to refine your selection and remove the background of your photo. This is a good option if you’re dealing with a complex or noisy photograph that will be difficult for the app to read automatically. Once you feel like you’ve clearly outlined your subject, click Next.

Step 2: Now that you have a selection with a transparent background, click Save. At this point, you’ll basically be creating a sticker that you can either share, or save and use in the future. Since we’re trying to replace the background of your photo, you’ll want to save the sticker.

Step 3: Once your sticker is ready. You can either use it as an image with a transparent background, or edit it further by adding a new background to your image. In order to add a new background, upload a photo from your phone or choose a background color or pattern that’s already available in the PicsArt app. As soon as you’ve selected the new background that you want to use, all you have to do is click Sticker, search My Stickers, and then choose the sticker you just created. 

Step 4: Now that your sticker has been applied to the new background, you can resize it or rotate it. To blend your original subject with its new background, try playing around with opacity or applying some fun effects to the entire composition. You might also consider adding text or fun overlays that are all available in the PicsArt app.

Fun Ideas for Changing the Background of Your Photo

Before and after photo of girl wearing denim jacket with different backgrounds

Now that you know how to remove backgrounds from your photos using PicsArt Web or with your smartphone, let’s talk about some fun ways to apply your skills!

  • Add bold colors: If you’re posting a product to a website or simply sharing a portrait on your social media accounts, adding a color background to your image can be a great way to insert a little energy into your digital presence. Don’t be afraid to be a little bold and cheerful with your palette!
  • Play with pattern: Another way to add a little interest and texture to your images is to experiment with pattern. Maybe you wanna add a little tiger stripe to your selfie, or maybe you’ll go with a gentle floral—pattern is always a great way to convey story and mood.
  • Get artsy: A little creativity can go a long way! Once you’ve mastered the art of creating stickers and replacing backgrounds, try making a collage out of several stickers or playing around with brushes and effects. The digital world offers so much flexibility, you should always feel free to get a little whimsical.
  • Don’t be afraid of humor: Everyone loves a good Leaning Tower of Pisa photo, or that one where it looks like your friend is standing on your shoulder. Well, by creating some stickers with PicsArt, you can come up with some really fun and humorous compositions that will knock those cliche images out of the park.
  • Say something special: They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but sometimes you just need the words. A great way to take your photos to the next level is by applying typography as your background. This way you can share your thoughts with special messages or inspirational quotes. 

There you have it, some easy ways to replace the background of your photos. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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