From pranks and memes to viral dance challenges and informative news, there are so many ways that you can get featured on TikTok’s #ForYouPage. So, how do you get discovered on TikTok, and more importantly, how do you go viral on TikTok? We’re breaking it down for you with our top 5 TikTok account ideas that will be sure to get your videos to the top of the TikTok algorithm! 

Incorporate Popular Trends and Challenges in Your TikTok Videos

Never underestimate the power of a trending hashtag! After all, they’re called trends for a reason. TikTok trends are at the top of your TikTok feed due to the large number of people engaging with these types of videos and trying to recreate them for themselves. Make a point to explore what trends and challenges are popular on a weekly basis, as they change often. Keep an eye out for the Discover page to see a curated list of trending topics and songs.

Take a hard look at some of the top trending videos. What do you see? You’ll notice that all of the most popular videos stick to what’s trending, but add their own unique twist on the challenges and trends. When trying to come up with ideas for TikTok videos, look at popular accounts, and try to recreate trending videos and challenges for your own account by putting your personal spin on it. The TikTok algorithm will favor the use of already trending hashtags, music, and content, increasing your chances of landing on the coveted For You Page. Your contribution to the trend will help draw your video into the discovery algorithm, but it’s your unique twist on it that will bring in the hearts, repeat video views, and comments. 

On the TikTok Discover page, you’ll find trending sounds, dances, memes, or formats that you can recreate with your own style or twist. Half the fun of TikTok is that you get to connect with other users by sharing how you took an idea and turned it up a notch! 

Post a Lot of Videos, Often

Content is king on TikTok! Now that you have a bit of inspiration as to what you should be posting, it’s time to start filling your account with videos. One of the keys to going viral on TikTok is to post A LOT! Did you shoot a few takes on a trend but aren’t sure which one to post? Try a few! TikTok rewards accounts that post often. 

To increase your video post volume, consider posting a variety of video types. Did you just learn the latest trending dance? Post it! Did you spend a couple of hours making a hilarious video with special effects? Post it! Did you simply record yourself telling a story about something that happened during your day? Post it! They’re all good TikTok ideas.

The thing about TikTok is that anyone can go viral on TikTok, but you never know which one of your videos is going to be the one to bring you TikTok fame. The more videos you have, the better your chances of going viral.

Keep up To Date with News and Current Events

We probably don’t have to tell you this, but there is A LOT going on in the world right now! If you want to go viral on TikTok, it’s important that you stay up-to-date with news and current events. A lot of the time, trending hashtags will be in response to stories around current events. Adding those trending hashtags (where relevant) to your videos can help them show up in more For You pages since they’re already getting an increase in views and engagements. Make sure your videos are relevant though, otherwise they’ll quickly get skipped over. 

The Discover Page is your best friend! If you’re looking for good TikTok ideas that align with news and current events, try incorporating some other TikTok trends that you are already familiar with. For example, if there is a trending song or audio clip that is already popular, you can use that along with a reaction video to create a very trendy video. You could hit the jackpot on trending hashtags twice and you’ll be able to show off how in tune with the world and current events you are. 

Just make sure that you aren’t being tone deaf! You don’t want to go viral for the wrong reasons. Make sure what you are doing in your TikTok video won’t come off as insensitive to the news story or current event. Only good vibes here, please.  

Make an Impression in the First 3 Seconds

Let’s be real. When you are scrolling through TikTok, there is a very short time frame for a video to catch your attention. That’s because TikTok thrives off of the For You Page scroll and short videos. The app itself is designed for casual viewing, so videos have to immediately catch a user’s attention. 

The average TikTok user will wait 1 to 3 seconds to make an initial judgment of a video and determine whether or not to keep scrolling or to stay and watch it to completion. That means you have just a few seconds to grab TikTok users’ attention! If you can grab their attention within the first 3 seconds of your video, the user will be more likely to stay on and watch your video to completion. And the more time that is spent on your video, the more likely TikTok is to feature it. 

Wondering how to get a lot of views on TikTok? Keep your videos short with something eye-catching in the first few seconds! This can mean something like giving them a preview of what’s to come in a tutorial video or teasing a prank with text overlay on your video.  

@picsartWho needs a ring light when you have neon stickers? 😜🌟 #picsart #photography #photographytricks #photographyhack #photographyhacks #photographer♬ I THINK I’M FALLIN’ (ALTERNATE EDIT) – Dominique

Edit Your Videos Outside of TikTok

If you are really looking to level up your TikTok game, consider using an app outside of TikTok to edit your videos. Using the photo and video editing software in PicsArt will help you create unique edits that will get your TikTok videos all of the love! And like we’ve said before, more hearts means more views which equates to better chances of going viral on TikTok!

There are so many ways to use PicsArt to create viral TikTok content. One way is to add effects that sync up with the latest trending songs. Speaking of songs, did you know you can add music to your videos right in the PicsArt app? It’s super easy! When you’re in the video editor, just look for the 🎵 icon at the bottom of the navigation bar. There’s also an AI Music tool that lets you create your own custom music track for your videos!

Another great thing about editing your TikTok videos in PicsArt is that you can use effects and stickers that no one else will have. You can even make your own custom stickers for an extra personalized touch! Mix and match Effects, Stickers, Text overlay, and even still images to create a TikTok video that will leave everyone wondering, “How did they do that?” 🤔 and wanting more! Check out a prime example of this below in this TikTok prank video. 

@laurengodwinWho wouldn’t believe that picture😳🤭 @picsart♬ original sound – Lauren Godwin

What Are Some Good TikTok Video Ideas?

Since content volume is king 👑 (or queen!) on TikTok, you should always be brainstorming fresh ideas for TikTok videos. Keeping an ongoing list on your phone of good TikTok ideas as they come to you is a solid way to make sure you are producing and posting content regularly, even on days when you might feel like you are in a creative rut. You don’t have to wait for a new trend to break for inspiration. Here are some of our favorite ideas for TikTok videos to help inspire your video list!

1. Participate in social media challenges. They’re always going to be popping up on users’ For You pages.

2. Check out what hashtags are trending, and incorporate those into your videos.

3. Dance! Dance videos are always going viral on TikTok. 🕺Pick popular tracks and dances and make your own spin on them with surprise endings.

4. Utilize songs in other ways than just dancing. Try lip-syncing along or interpreting the lyrics with your own mini music video!

5. Reenact dialogue or conversations from trending sounds. Much like lip-syncing songs, you can interpret trending conversations and voice-overs in a unique way that will get all of the likes!

6. Feature cute animals! We mean, have you ever *not* stopped on a video of an adorable puppy? 🐶

7. Try out the #AlbumCover challenge. This is where people ask a question and you answer it by posting an image of a song cover where the title works as a response. This is great because it can be funny or serious.

8. Show off your art! TikTok has a great community of artists and the best way to connect with them is to show off your art, whether it’s made digitally on a software like PicsArt, or IRL with canvas and paint. 🎨

9. Give voice overs a try! TikTok has a lot of voice over features that can help you add commentary to already popular videos.

10. Makeover videos can be popular because people love to see a good transformation video. Whether it’s a makeup tutorial, new hairstyle, or even a digital makeover using PicsArt’s stickers and Retouch tool. Viewers love a before-and-after transformation or tutorial video. 💅

11. Tutorials are another big-ticket video when it comes to going viral on TikTok. Everyone has something they’re good at. Find what it is that makes you unique, and show off your skills! Even something as simple as how to change your background can make for a cool viral TikTok video idea! 

12. Workout videos get lots of views! Not only can they be instructional, but they can be inspirational, too! 🏋️‍♀️

13. Food and cooking videos make for good ideas for TikTok videos because YUM! 🤤

@picsartAre you a coffee or tea lover? ☕️ Comment below! #coffee #picsart #photoshoot #photoediting #photoshootidea #lattearttutorial #editinghacks♬ A Moment Apart – ODESZA – Ashley Ward

14. Freeze-frame videos are still quite popular on TikTok. They got their start when TikTok first released their freeze-frame feature, and there are lots of ways to use it with a fun and unique twist.

15. Videos of your daily life. Something that may seem mundane to you can be TikTok viral gold to others!

@picsartDay in a content creator’s life 💁‍♀️💁‍♂️ #picsart #DayInMyLife #photoshoot #photography #photographer #contentcreator #influencer #ig♬ ALL SMOKE, NO FIRE – Robyn Cage

16. Live videos. Streaming live to your TikTok audience gives you another way to engage with other users. The more engagement your TikTok account is getting, the more likely you are to go viral.

What Are Some Funny TikTok Ideas?

Laughing is universal which is why funny TikTok videos do so well on the app. People are more likely to watch the videos on loop and share with friends, driving up your total view count and overall chances of TikTok discoverability. Wondering how to get a lot of views on TikTok? Make them laugh! If you’re looking to crack people up, here are some funny TikTok ideas you should try ASAP.

1. Make a throwback that people can instantly relate to. Think of something that was popular when you were a kid that people might have forgotten but can totally still relate to. The video can feature a popular song that was a one-hit-wonder played at middle school dances, or a toy trend that was all the rage back in the day. Add in some fun editing effects and commentary, and you’ve got yourself a funny back-in-the-day video.

2. Pranks. When pranks and surprise videos are done in good taste – as in everyone comes out laughing – they can be some of the funniest videos on TikTok. Maybe you’re capturing someone’s reaction when you jump them from around the corner, or maybe you’re playing a long game prank on someone that you are documenting and editing together into one reaction video. Whatever it is, just make sure no one gets their feelings hurt!

People love to laugh and, when done in good taste, pranks are a great way to get your audience to watch past the pivotal first few seconds to see the prank unfold. 

3. Funny animal videos. Animals have the cute “aww” factor, but they can also get a lot of laughs on TikTok. Letting your pet’s personality shine for the camera is just one way you can get some seriously funny TikTok videos. Be sure to use some fun Stickers and soundtracks to add that extra level of animal personality. 

@picsartFestive boops! 🐾 #HelloFall #PetThings #FeelingGood #picsart #editing101 #corgi #dogsoftiktok #pumpkinseason #cute #funny #funnyvideos #lol♬ original sound – Tiny Tim

4. Duets. Take a great video and respond to it, building off the initial success around an already strong piece of initial content. In a Duet, you record your own TikTok video alongside another user’s original video as it plays. We love when the duets feature is used for reaction videos because it lets your audience laugh along with you.

5. Failed challenge attempts. Sometimes, the footage that will help you go viral comes from the bloopers left on the cutting floor! Failed challenge attempts makes for funny engaging content because they are so relatable. You get to show off how real you are and your audience gets a good relatable laugh in the process. 😂

What Are Some TikTok Ideas Without Showing Face?

Not all of us are comfortable putting ourselves in front of the camera, and that’s totally okay! There are plenty of ways to go viral on TikTok without showing your face. Here are a few ideas to get you started with some behind-the-camera content ideas.

1. Unboxing videos and product reviews. People want your honest opinion and want a close up of the products. 

2. Point of view videos. These are great for lifestyle and travel vlogging. 

3. Screen recordings. These are great for showing off PicsArt editing tutorials! 

@picsartColor us ~impressed~ @the_real_lin_shady 🚘💖 #picsart #photomagic #editing101 #photohack #photohacks #phototrick #phototricks #funnyvideos #lol #pink

♬ original sound – PicsArt

4. Interviews. It’s ok to ask questions off camera and showcase the interviewee front and center. 

5. Tutorials and how-tos. Have a hobby or special talent? DIYs, crafts, and any form of Learn with TikTok educational videos make for good TikTok ideas. 

6. Game-play. If you’re good at video games, people will love to watch your tips and game skills unfold. They also make for great TikTok account ideas! 🎮

7. Slideshow videos. You can use this format to show off your art, help you explain something you’re teaching, or show before and after progress made on things like a home remodeling project. The possibilities are limitless when it comes to ideas for TikTok videos

What Should You Name Your TikTok Account?

Okay, now that you are overflowing with ideas for how to get a lot of views on TikTok, it’s time to name your TikTok account and make it live! You’ll want your TikTok username to be something unique and memorable so if – and when! – your videos show up in the For You Page, other users will be able to easily remember who you are. Of course, you could always use your real name or a variation of it, but if you are looking for a quick way to give other TikTok users an idea of what you and your account are all about, consider some of these ideas:

1. Highlight your hobbies or interests in your username. This is a quick way for people with similar interests to connect with you! 

2. Use your own name, but get creative with it. This will help make you feel more authentic on TikTok, as fans will feel like they can relate to you in a more casual way. Shorten your name or use unique characters to help it stand out. Childhood nicknames are a fun take on these TikTok account ideas.

3. If you are really feeling stumped on what to call your TikTok account, make a list of your favorite things and see if anything stands out! A riff on your favorite bands or celebrities, your favorite foods, the region you’re from, etc. They all say something about you!

Once you’ve picked the perfect TikTok account name and have a list of videos to create, you’re ready to get going on your journey to becoming viral on TikTok! 😝 When you do go viral on TikTok, we want to be the first to know! Give PicsArt a follow to stay connected and inspired.

Now if you’ll excuse us, we have to go film our next TikTok video 💃

Make Awesome

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