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The world may be in hibernation mode for the time being, but that doesn’t mean your creativity has to, too. This post is all about how to #StayINspired with PicsArt while #StayingINside. It’s the first of many in our #CreateFromHome blog series that we’ll be adding to over the next few weeks. ✨ We’re in this together!

How deep into K-Pop are you right now? Have you stayed up all night binge-watching BTS’ live performances and comeback stages? Whose choreography can you do? Do you find yourself constantly looking for ways to bring your bias up in conversation? Are you a self-proclaimed BLINK, EXO-L or ARMY or are you a multi-fandom stan creating custom fan art for a different group member’s birthday every week? At PicsArt we believe full-blown K-Pop obsession is perfectly healthy and normal. If anything we’re a little suspicious of anyone who isn’t obsessed with BTS, BLACKPINK, EXO, Twice, IZ*ONE, Red Velvet, Girls’ Generation, Stray Kids and…we could go on but we’ll stop now. Everyone knows our #1 favorite way to express our love and devotion is through fan art, but you guys took it to a whole new level sharing K-Pop fan art tutorials made on PicsArt to TikTok. We’ve watched approximately a…

How much time do you spend on TikTok? For us, once we open the app it’s straight down a rabbit hole where time loses all meaning and we’re giggling out loud to cat videos, duets, pranks, fan art, magic tricks…did we already say cats? But tbh our absolute favorite videos are PicsArt editing tutorials ? It’s not really about learning new PicsArt tricks (for that check out YouTube) it’s just mesmerizing (and fun!) to watch people being creative in real time. One trend we’ve been seeing a lot of on TikTok is using the Tiny Decisions wheel to choose fan art to make on PicsArt. These little videos have everything: suspense, creativity, and music —all packed into 15 seconds! We ❤️them so much we made a compilation video of some of our favorites. Whatever your fandom, we got you covered! Want more? Follow @PicsArt on TikTok and share your own fan art tutorials with #PicsArt…