First: WHY create a custom lock screen wallpaper? 

A better question to ask is: “Why the heck not?” Wallpapers are the perfect photo editing project for beginners and at PicsArt we strongly believe that when your phone looks good, you feel good! ?‍♀️?‍♂️

Not to mention, everyday activities like checking the time and scrolling through your notifications become SO much more satisfying when you’re greeted by an aesthetic background. Right?! Wallpapers truly are the gift that keeps on giving ?✨ 

There’s no wrong way to design a cute wallpaper for your home screen, but there are a few tricks that are essential for anyone looking to become a wallpaper whiz. In our experience, the best way to learn is by watching and following along step by step. So, we searched high and low for the best PicsArt wallpaper tutorials out there! What we uncovered is *chef’s kiss.*

Below, you’ll find four different, but equally awesome step-by-step PicsArt wallpaper tutorials (three of which were made by PicsArt community members!) to guide you on your lock screen journey. Together, they make up a miniature wallpaper boot camp that will not let you down ?

For Our Collage Cuties ?:

Channel your inner art student with a vintage, cut-out style wallpaper! When it comes to wallpapers we love them all, but right now we’re extra obsessed with the copy-and-paste look. It’s just so perfectly imperfect, we can’t resist!

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For Our Pastel Queens ?:

Turn your trusted iPhone and/or Android into a mini dreamy escape from reality in seconds with a pretty pastel lock screen. A definite must for anyone looking to add much-needed zen energy into their life with minimal effort ~ It’s amazing what a relaxing color palette can do for stress levels (essential oils who?) ?☁️✨

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For Our Space Nerds ?:

Not sure what your phone aesthetic should be? You can’t go wrong with a galaxy theme because it’s, well, out of this world! Sorry, we had to go there ?? Outer space lock screens bring all the magic of the universe right to the palm of your hand and are definitely a crowd-pleaser. Tried and tested ✔️

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For Our Minimalists ? : 

If you’re more of the less-is-more type, then you’ll definitely want to keep it simple. Minimalistic, modern wallpapers are just as cool as the maximalist designs ? And, because they’re so easy to make, you can practically have one for every day of the week! #SorryNotSorry 

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To further personalize your iPhone, use PicsArt to customize your home screen icons with the release of the iOS 14.

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