pictures of walls

Walls are an interesting photo subject for many different reasons. In your home, they can provide a space for you to express yourself with a bright coat of paint, your favorite posters, or your best photos. They can be an iconic landmark, such as the Berlin Wall. In public spaces, they can even be home to beautiful sculptures, stonework, or murals. Today, share your favorite pictures of walls, whether it be your bedroom wall, a creative mosaic wall you pass on your way to work, or a shot from your visit to the Great Wall of China, and share it by adding the THUtag #wall.

If you can’t find a wall to photograph, then this is your chance to start decorating! Run your favorite photos through the PicsArt app to add your creative touch, and then print them out to proudly display them. Head out to your favorite thrift shop and browse through their painting collection–you may discover some hidden treasures. If you’re feeling really brave today, grab a paintbrush and give your home a makeover with a bold, bright coat of paint. Then, show off your creation by adding the hashtag #wall.