Sticker Remix Challenge

August Calendar

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A chance to win one month of PicsArt Gold!


A new month, a new calendar! Get ready for August with this Sticker Remix Challenge.


- Submit up to 3 Remixes using the provided sticker. The sticker should be easily recognizable in your final submission.
- Do not take someone else's Remix and submit it as your own.
- No campaigning for votes.
- All submissions must follow PicsArt's Community Guidelines and Terms of Service. We reserve the right to reject submissions that may be considered offensive or inappropriate.

9,343 Submissions

Get creative with this Sticker

Use PicsArt's photo editor and collage maker to create an awesome edit with the Challenge Sticker for a chance to win.


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  • It’s,time,to,'step,to,it!',In,this,Image,Remix,Challenge,,we,want,to,see,how,you,can,get,creative,with,this,visually,striking,,color,contrasting,staircase.,Tip:,Try,playing,with,the,orange,negative,space,or,even,experimenting,with,the,design,of,the,stairs,themselves.
    Citrus Steps

    It’s time to 'step to it!' In this Image Remix Cha...

  • Have,fun,with,fonts,in,this,Replay,Challenge!,Experiment,with,typography,and,the,visuals,of,text,and,create,a,striking,edit,that’s,sure,to,inspire.,(Note:,Copy,must,adhere,to,our,Community,Guidelines.)
    Text Message

    Have fun with fonts in this Replay Challenge! Expe...

  • A,new,month,,a,new,calendar!,Get,ready,for,August,with,this,Sticker,Remix,Challenge.
    August Calendar

    A new month, a new calendar! Get ready for August ...

  • What,does,your,slice,of,life,look,like?,In,this,photography,Challenge,,we,want,to,see,what,you,see,out,of,your,own,window!,Tip:,Get,creative,with,lighting,and,perspective,(play,with,blinds,and,opening,the,windows!),to,create,a,captivating,photograph.
    From My Window

    What does your slice of life look like? In this ph...

  • Let,the,ocean,inspire,you,in,this,Image,Remix,Challenge!,We,want,to,see,how,you,can,add,your,own,creative,spin,with,this,conch,shell.,Tip:,Get,imaginative,and,play,with,the,negative,space,as,well,as,perspective.,Cover,image,by,@macmmaya
    Sea Treasure

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